Free, mobile-responsive Email Templates

Our email templates are customizable and responsive and enable you to design beautiful emails

More than 100 Email Templates and Newsletters designs

We have designed over a 100 responsive email templates just for you. All you have to do is, choose a template that interests you and then use our powerful Editor to create professional looking emails. Needless to say, these emails will loo great on any device!

Blank Layouts if you want to start from a clean slate

We have designed numerous blank layouts if you want to start your email newsletter from scratch. You can start with 1 column, 2 columns, 3 columns or even Simple Text layout.

Mobile Preview

SpiceSend's templates use responsive design to adjust the layout of your campaign to look great on any device. Use the in-editor mobile preview to keep an eye on your email marketing campaign.


Use our Personalization feature to send only relevant, highly personalized and valuable content to your subscribers. In fact just using personalization in Subject line increases Email Open rates by 50% or more.

Test Messages

Much in the same way that you wouldn't buy shoes without trying them first, we suggest sending a 'test' of your campaign before hitting the send button. Send a test email to see how a campaign will appear in your inbox