Streamline Your Marketing Campaigns

Visualize your Marketing Strategy. Organize your marketing calendar with Spicesend. Here's how we can help you

Streamline Your Marketing Campaigns

Why Make a Marketing Calendar?

Stay Organized

Stay Organized

When you have a marketing calendar by your side, you are able to organize your campaigns. At the end of the week, you are not running to make graphics and prepare content in the last moment. You can decide all that before the actual week and stay prepared in advanced. This helps you reach your customers through coordinated processes and growth-intensive strategies.

Stay Consistent

Stay Consistent

With a marketing calendar, you can not only stay organized but also stay consistent. One of the best-known strategies of marketing is to stay connected to your users – consistently reach them. You don't want to give them a chance to forget you and find another provider. Fortunately, a marketing calendar is the way to do that. You can post often and at the right time.

How To Plan A Calendar?

We have discussed the perfect way to plan a marketing calendar. Here are some simple steps to make your marketing worthwhile.


Select a place to host the data. This means do you want your calendar on Google Sheets, Excel, or on paper. According to us, Google Sheets or a tool is better, as you would have online access to the calendar. Excel and on paper are outdated methods.


Once you know that, decide your goals. Every marketing campaign has a goal. Of course, you already know the goal of the month, so define this goal. It can be multiple goals as well, such as improving revenue, getting new leads, converting customers, and getting x% extra sales on Christmas.


After identifying your goals, define your strategies. This includes PPC, social media marketing, email marketing, and content marketing. You can bifurcate further, such as email marketing can be divided into welcome emails, promotional emails, offer emails, etc.


Now, define your audience. If you have segmented your audience already, then define how you can reach every segment. Their persona, including age, demographics, etc. should be included in the calendar.


Finally, mark important holidays and events along with project-based campaigns. That's all! Everything is done and you are covered for the whole month.

Tips To Make A Valuable Calendar

We have found some tips to help you make this calendar more detailed and informational. This would help you to make decisions faster.

TIP 1:

Decide who is going to help you in these campaigns. You need to know the person to reach for everything. For instance, who would create content for your email and who is the right person to make graphics of a particular type.

TIP 2:

Brainstorm on the calendar. Get your team together and brainstorm for new ways to attract new customers, reach out to loyal users, etc. When you have these ideas, include them in your calendar for transparency – and to avoid forgetting details.

TIP 3:

Ensure that everyone on your team is on the same page. You can't move forward if some people feel that your strategies are not good enough. Hence, you need to get everyone on board. (This is more of a suggestion than a tip.)

TIP 4:

Utilize a tool to make a marketing calendar. This tool will also help you track progress and understand the performance of your campaigns. In fact, you can include numbers like click-throughs and open rates on your calendar.

TIP 5:

Balance your focus on actual execution as well. Many times, marketers end up just planning the calendar. You should move towards your goals through this calendar.

How Spicesend Can Help?

An email marketing tool can make all this simpler, hassle-free, and more rewarding. Here's how Spicesend can help you:

  • Understand your campaigns. When you are sitting down with your team to make your marketing calendar, use statistics of the previous month to make favourable decisions. Check what type of campaigns are approved by your customers and then make your calendar.
How Spicesend Can Help?
  • We discussed how you need demographics and user persona to make better marketing decisions. Luckily, you can find it all with the tool. Spicesend helps you find out what percentage of users belong to a certain location.
  • It is possible to utilise the automatic capabilities of the tool to send emails on the right time without spending time on it, such as welcome email, purchase email, etc. This would be extremely time-efficient and useful for your team.
  • Spicesend has 100+ email templates. These templates can be fully customized to help you make campaigns in minutes rather than days. So, you can actually prepare holiday campaigns and other templates beforehand to avoid delaying anything in the last minute.

Best Practices For Your Marketing Calendar

Best Practices For Your Marketing Calendar

We have gathered some best practices of experts. Check how experts attract more leads and convert more customers:

  • Before you move on with your calendar, try understanding your customer. Without this knowledge, you would only end up sending wrong messages to your users. So, improve your buyer's persona before you do anything else.
  • Use shorter content and clearer graphics in your content. This should be defined in your calendar. That makes your calendar more accurate. With this, also remember to add only short pointers in your calendar. You don't need to make it lengthy, as that will make your calendar hectic to understand.
  • If there are ideas that you didn't use in the previous month, keep them in the backlog. Don't discard. You never know what might help you. What if you are not able to brainstorm for a week? You can use this backlog then.
  • Plan in advance. Ideally, your calendar for December should be ready before 1st of December. By the 1st of December, you should already know what you need to do this week.

Expert Advice

Here's what our expert John has to say:

"What works us for best is constructive criticism. It is not hard for marketers to follow the marketing calendar blindly once it has been made and approved. We use a different approach. If, at any time, someone in the team feels that the strategy is redundant, not suitable, or might not be accepted by users, they can offer criticism on this strategy or plan. You can make a column for this in your calendar or just message in the group. This helps us bring the best content to our users."

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