Sales Mailer Template - Aggressive Campaign

Sales Mailer Template - Aggressive Campaign

Approaching a client is what every business does but approaching them with an idea to help them solve a problem straight is what matters.

You have been interacting with the client over emails for quite a few days now without any fail. But have you really got through? Not yet!! It is time you give it a thought.

Every lead you are emailing is busy with their work and you are not the only one sending an email, numerous emails hit their inbox daily. What are the chances of them even opening your emails?

Drawing negative conclusions on receiving no response on your emails no where signifies that the lead is not interested in your proposal. How about carrying out a few internal checks to find out the reasons for your emails receiving no response? You have to make sure that your approach is an apt one.

Merely sending an email is nowhere an assurance that your email has been read and your lead will be converted. For any email campaign to perform well, it requires an in-depth analysis of the various sales email templates available. Undoubtedly, choosing the right email campaign is more likely to fetch you favorable results.

Understanding the nuisances of a sales email template to work well, we have on offer the most effective sales mailer template with an aggressive campaign. It assists you in getting it just right and lay the perfect foundation for a healthy professional relationship.

We have fabricated sales mailer templates comprehending the integral stages for effective lead conversion:

  • Preliminary outreach to the prospective lead
  • Follow-up with the prospect
  • Aggressive marketing follow- up for closure
  • Closure with the new client
  • Long term follow-up with the client

Every stage is imperative for a sales emailer template with aggressive campaign to perform with efficacy.

Preliminary Outreach to the Prospective Lead

Not using a well thought of sales mailer template can make it look like a general one. For a better elucidation, below is a screenshot of a sample template:

Preliminary Outreach to the Prospective Lead

Follow-up with the Prospect

Still waiting for a response from the prospect? May be there is still some scope left to convince the client. Adding what to expect from the meeting can help persuade him:

Follow-up with the Prospect

Aggressive Marketing Follow-up for Closure

In certain cases, an aggressive follow-up is required. Like, may be a prospect was keen to meet and discuss further but have not reverted back on your emails due to his work commitments. Stay connected by sending him the right follow-up emails every second day to ensure you have not lost the track. An email like this would just perfectly suffice the purpose:

Aggressive Marketing Follow-up for Closure

Closure with the New Client

If there has been no response from the client even after tens of emails then it is time to step back and let them know that you tried reaching them several times without being acknowledged. But this is still an opportunity to propose to them one last time. The client might turn up this time comprehending the fact that the opportunity might finally go out of hand. Writing that perfect closing email:

Closure with the New Client

Long Term Follow-up with the Client

When was the last time you emailed your prospect? It's been long then it is time to reach out to him with a new proposition to connect again. Offer a discount, restate the benefits, choose an effective way:

Long Term Follow-up with the Client

Our Deal, Your Gain: The right way to schedule prospects and clients via sales mailers

This is all that you gain out of what we have to offer:

  • Automate the schedulingt - Sharing a ready link to book a call is a mandate. Haven't signed up for a scheduling app, look out for an effective free scheduling app.
  • Writing it right - The right sales mailer templates cover it all in limited crisp words. Use our templates to do it well.
  • Explain what they gain - Making your prospect know what they gain is integral to persuade them to connect.

What to Do and What to Avoid while selecting the right sales mailer template

Being aware about what to do and what not to help your campaign to perform well. Follow the rules to fabricate the right one for your prospect:


Giving up is out of question. It takes very less time to send a follow up mailer as compared to what you can gain from the prospective relationship. Be proactive and plan it well. Have a well thought of strategy in place to reach the prospects and follow up with them using the most effective sales mailer templates.


Come straight to the point in the email in addition to the regular mandatory email etiquettes. Always add a link to schedule a call or landing page rather than just mention the number to call you back.

Subject lines
Subject lines

It should be able to provide them with a new value, a 'wow' moment, which justifies the time and the money they intend to invest in your product/service.

Few More Examples of Sales Mailer Templates to convert your lead

Cold Outreach Emails – Be very particular while sending a cold outreach email. Making the ideal first impression to overcome the ineptness of sending that first email is integral to what happens ahead. Begin with attention-grabbing questions, use them as your subject line:

Cold Outreach Emails

Promotional Emails – It is not only about trying to convert the lead but you can use the right email templates to promote your product and services as well. You can even try to promote your stuff that you feel is highly relevant to the prospect:

Promotional Emails
Few quick points for an effective sales mailer campaign
  • Researching your prospective recipients well
  • Segmenting the list of your prospects
  • Personalizing beyond the first name level
  • Crafting an appealing subject line
  • Having an influential opening statement
  • Writing a crisp and short message
  • Including a visit and sturdy call to action
  • Refining your signature
  • Concluding with a question

This does not end here. There is a lot of more to gain. Get in touch with us to have the most effective sales mailer template with aggressive campaigns in place.

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