Monitor Real-time Reports and create better campaigns

View email marketing statistics such as open rate and click rate in real time. This makes taking corrective action easy, thereby creating better campaigns.

Better understand the behaviour of your Contacts

You can see who is opening your emails and at what time, which links are getting better clicks that others.

This helps in understanding their level of engagement thereby creating more targeted campaigns towards those contacts.

Discover where in the world are your subscribers

We archive geo-location info based on the email recipient's engagement with your campaigns.

This is then used to figure out their approximate location, which is useful when firing off campaigns that are region or time zone specific.

A/B Testing Reports to find out what works

Increase your email engagement and learn what works best for your email campaign with our robust A/B testing functionality.

Try out different subject lines, From Name and Send times to see what's working best. And improve your email engagement!