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Bring back your website visitors with email retargeting. Utilize Spicesend tool to created target email campaigns. Improve your conversions!

Increase Email Conversion

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Dedicated Approach

Dedicated Approach

Email retargeting is an extremely dedicated approach. You are targeting users who already have an interest in your brand. So, you personalize your email based on the behaviour of these users and retarget them. However, retargeting through an email marketing tool encourages them to purchase from you. For instance, sending an email to a user who has abandoned a cart on your website.

Better Conversion

Better Conversion

A large number of users don't purchase on their first visit. They like to weigh their options carefully before making the purchase. If you retarget these users, such as sending a cart abandonment message or reminding them of an offer, you are more likely to convert. Luckily this is even easier with an email marketing tool, as the tool would help you create emails from pre-made templates.

Benefits of Email Retargeting

Benefits of Email RetargetingIf you are still wondering why you should try your hands at email retargeting, then here are some benefits of this technique. Check why this is the right choice:

  • You can improve your ROI with email retargeting. This category of emails is really, really personalized for specific users. You are targeting a small number but this number is likely to convert. So, higher ROI.
  • With email retargeting, it is easier to set the field for future relationships. Even if the user is not ready to purchase when you have sent the retargeting emails, they may take it into consideration for the future. This repeated transaction can help you build user trust and improve conversions ultimately.
  • Think about it, email retargeting keeps you on your A-game. If a user added 2 items to the cart and left, you can send a message to them in an hour, 6 hours, or a day. Just remind them that the things they liked are still in the car but running out of stock. Some marketers even send a coupon or discount with the email to encourage purchase.
  • It is possible to retarget users by creating a personalized feed for them. If you are an e-commerce store, then you can create a feed based on the click and search behaviour. This is extremely customized but it builds the trust of the user in your brand. If you give them what they want, they keep coming for more.
  • Email retargeting is a guiding step for your advertising journey. You can analyse user touchpoints to make future decisions about your campaigns. You can ideally utilize this information to create dedicated marketing campaigns.

What Happens In Email Retargeting?

Don't you want to know how this type of retargeting campaign works? We have explained the process below. Read on:

What Happens In Email Retargeting?
  • Every email marketing campaign has a purpose and goal, and your retargeting campaign has a goal too. Find that goal. It can be to upsell, sell, or cross-sell your products. Maybe you wish to recover users who have abandoned the cart. Clarify this goal before moving forward.
  • Customer data is the most important step in your retargeting campaign. You can't do anything without having enough knowledge of your customers, their purchase patterns, demographics, etc. Compare converting ads with non-converting ones to gain more insights.
  • Once the above two things are sorted, you need to segment your email list. Create dedicated groups of users and then move forward. If you don't segment, then you will end up sending the same retargeting email to every user, and that's not going to give you results. However, if you segment, you would be able to personalize the campaign for each user.
  • Lastly, add a CTA. In your email, there should a visible CTA to help users click on it. They might not open your website again but they can use the CTA link to directly visit their cart or your website. However, don't go overboard with the call-to-action. You can't put in on the top or use just the CTA in an email. Make it creative and natural.

How Spicesend Can Help?

Spicesend makes your task easier. You can send, curate, and track your email marketing campaigns all at one place.

How Spicesend Can Help?
  • When you have to send an email, you can create it with templates of Spicesend. These templates are pre-designed for multiple use cases. Just check the list, customize the template according to your requirements, add images, and send it.
  • You can get real-time reports and insights into your email campaigns. This can help you know your customers better, which would help you designed better and highly optimized email campaigns. In simple words, you can improve conversion, open rate, and click-through rate.
  • Spicesend has features to help you grow your email list. You can manage your entire list from one dashboard and even create a contact or subscription form to grow this list. A bigger and quality list only means more users, advanced retargeting campaigns, and even higher conversions.
  • One of the major aspects of any email campaign is the look-and-feel of the email. Spicesend helps you with that too. Utilize its drag-and-drop editor to make beautiful and eye-catching emails. Win over your customer with your attractive messages.

Tips for Email Retargeting

We have discussed some email retargeting best practices that can help you move in the right direction. Check how you can improve your conversions:

Tips for Email Retargeting
  • You have to send the email at the right time. If you wait for 2 days to send an email about the abandoned cart, then you have already lost the sale. You need to reach out to the user soon enough to convert, but not too soon to be overlooked.
  • Retarget your inactive email subscribers. Curate an email explaining them your services and solutions. Just remind them why they subscribed in the first place.

Here's a tip by our expert John:

"As an email marketer, you have to segment your users. Nothing works better than making groups and then targeting these groups for higher conversions. You don't have an option to send a customized retargeting email to everyone. That's a waste of time and money. Segmentation would help you understand the type of email you can send to every group."

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