A High-Quality List: Better Opportunities

Utilize a high-quality list to create long-term connections with user. Check how Spicesend's email marketing tool can help you.

A High-Quality List: Better Opportunities

Why You Need a High-Quality List?

Better Conversions

Better Conversions

When you have a list of subscribers who want to hear from you, receive messages from your brand, and purchase from your website, you are able to convert. If you have a list of 100 people, 50 of whom don't want to purchase from you, you would only end up wasting your money on your email campaigns, as no conversion would come from all these efforts. Therefore, a high-quality list gives you improved conversions.

Improved Outreach

Improved Outreach

Similar to conversions, you can improve your outreach. With a poor list or a list which you have purchased, you can receive very, very low conversion and outreach. This is because the people on your list don't want to hear from you. Hence, they would either delete your email as soon as you send it or unsubscribe you or report you spam. With a quality list, you can reach out to customers more often, in an enhanced manner.

How To Make a High-Quality Email List?

To start making a high-quality email list, you need to focus on your methods. Below we have explained how you can start this journey in the right manner. Read on!

The first thing that you should do is optimize the manner in which you collect user emails. If you are planning to purchase a list, then drop that idea right away. Purchasing an email list would only give you loss of money. Instead, build an opt-in form on your website. This is a must-have.

Use a popup; a simpler and subtle popup. You don't want to stop the user from exploring your website. Just add a popup in the corner, which your users can fill and ignore if they wish to. It is amazing that approximately 1/3 of your users would respond to this popup.

In the pop-up, you only need to add only relevant details. Don't overwhelm your users by adding 10 fields. Use a maximum of 4 fields and you are good to go. In fact, we would suggest even less than that. You can ask for additional details through the welcome email. Only ask for email ID and name in the form.

On your form, add a few lines for what you are going to offer to your users. Clearly mention what is in it for the user.

Tips For Making a High-Quality Email List

While an opt-in form would help you create a major part of your list, you need additional tips to keep the user engaged. We have discussed these tips below.

Your email content or welcome message's content should be welcoming and informative. It should be engaging, so much so that even when a user sign ups by mistake, they decide to stay connected.

With every communication, you should encourage your users to share and subscribe. You can also try offering rewards for this activity, such as free credits, discounts, or offers.

The next step after the opt-in form should be to segment your users. This is only possible if you send some additional choices to users in the welcome email. Allow them to enter a list themselves. That's the easiest and most efficient way.

Consistently revisit your list and remove duplicates, dead emails, or customers who have unsubscribed.

Give an unsubscribe option to your users. This should be a clear option. If you don't have to unsubscribe, your users might just report you spam. That's even worse. Hence, allow your users to unsubscribe when they don't wish to stay with the organization; this would only clean your list automatically.

How Spicesend Can Help You?

How Spicesend Can Help?

Even with the above tips and methods, you need an email marketing tool to execute things in the correct way. You have to check your conversions, open rates, and bounce rates to move in the right direction.

  • Spicesend gives you a dashboard for an email list. This dashboard contains open rates and click-through rates of your list. You can achieve a lot with this dashboard. It's user-friendly and amazing.
  • With the tool, you can create simple forms and put in on different places on your website, social media pages, etc. These forms can be customized as per your requirements.
  • The tool has in-built features to help you segment your users. You can use it to make different groups of users, which will help you customize content and target each group separately.
  • You can completely control the segments and sections of your list. Whether you wish to add custom fields or run a campaign on a platform, you can do it easily with Spicesend.
  • On top of all these features, Spicesend also allows users to import their excel lists to the tool in a few clicks. You don't have to go through the painful data entry.

Best Practices For Making An Email List

Here are some best practices for your email marketing lists. We have extracted these practices from various sources.

Best Practices For Making An Email List
  • Clean your list regularly. You don't want to keep wasting your money on sending emails to individuals or IDs that don't exist; remove duplicates and eliminate non-active customers.
  • But, before you rule out the possibility of eliminating non-engaged customers, send them an email. In this email, include an offer to attract the user back. If after 2-3 follow-ups, they fail to respond, then you can remove them.
  • Collect the email IDs of your LinkedIn contacts and send them an email sharing with them your story.

Expert Advice

Mr. John is an expert and the head of our marketing department. Here's an amazing suggestion from him:

"I think what works for us best is the collaborated efforts across all platforms. When we want to improve our list, we run campaigns all over our social media. Our Facebook campaigns have a sign-up form in a different way or our Instagram campaign leads users to the opt-in form. We work our way by connecting the dots and merging various digital media channels."

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