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What should I do if my contact's ISP (or spam filter) is blocking mails sent through SpiceSend?

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Sometimes your email campaigns may be blocked by an ISP (Internet Service Provider) or a domain. To get the block cleared you will have to start by reaching out to your affected contacts or their ISP directly. We have created two letters (below) to help you communicate with your contacts and their ISPs.

We have found this approach usually yields much faster results because the admins are hearing from their own users who want the mail.

Copy and paste both these letters and email them to your affected contacts. Send them the below letters through your official business email.

Letter You Send to Your Subscriber

To: Contact Name
Subject: Please Contact Your ISP

Dear [Subcriber’s Name],

I am emailing to alert you that your ISP is blocking the newsletters/emails/announcements you have subscribed to receive. I assume that you would like to receive these valuable announcements and communications, so I ask that you send the attached letter to your ISP's customer support department.

As you may know, we use SpiceSend to send the email communications. When you receive a response from your ISP, please forward it to: The Delivery Team at SpiceSend will follow-up with your ISP once they receive the ISP’s response.

Thank you in advance for your understanding,

[Your Name]
[Your Website Address]

Letter Your Subscriber Sends to their ISP

To: ISP Customer Support
Subject: Please Remove SpiceSend Block

Hello. My name is [SUBSCRIBER’S NAME] and  I am a customer of your services since the last many months/years. I understand that you use filters and blacklists to protect me from unsolicited email. However, your filters are making it impossible for me to receive certain newsletters, announcements, and promotions from services that I have subscribed to. These communications are important to me and I would like to receive them using this email address.

The sender of these emails uses an email marketing service called SpiceSend to send their emails to subscribers like me. SpiceSend is not an open relay and has strict anti-spam policies in place. SpiceSend demands that their customers only follow CAN-SPAM compliant email practices.

Your blocking of these emails from SpiceSend is a mistake and is preventing me from enjoying emails and newsletters I’ve signed up for.

I ask that you investigate why these emails are being blocked. If you require further information from SpiceSend including log files, the Delivery team can be reached at -

Mail from SpiceSend can be found by the following characteristics, for safelisting:

“Sender” domain:

Sending IPs:
All mail from SpiceSend is sent from:

Please contact me when this problem has been resolved.


[Subscriber’s Name]


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