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Editor: Using the Text Block

The Text block is to be used for adding content to your campaign. You can also add links to the content that you may have added in your Text block.

Note: If you want to add a background color behind your text, you can use the Boxed Text block.

To insert the Text block into a campaign, follow these steps.

  1. On the Design step, click and drag the Text block into your campaign layout.
    insert the Text block into a campaign
  2. Click on the Edit icon to add your content.
    If you paste content from an outside source like word file, text file, or website then you should use "Paste as Plain text" or "Paste from Rich text Editor" option.
    Paste from Rich text Editor
  3. Make necessary changes as needed from the Toolbar at the top like change the Text Color, Font Family, Font Size and text alignment etc.
  4. In the Style tab, you can set background color and  Line Height
    set background color and  Line Height
  5. In the Settings tab, you can make the content block two columns instead of one.
    the content block
  6. Once you finish editing, click Save & Close.

Note: SpiceSend offers variety of drag-and-drop content blocks to build your campaign layout. See a summary of all our Content Blocks.


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