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How do I verify my list?

List Verification is the process of removing invalid and harmful email addresses from your list. You would have observed that when you upload a list into SpiceSend, it either gets Approved or gets Rejected. Basically we have a proprietary list verification algorithm that samples your list and determines whether sending to this list will result in getting large number of bounces or not.

If your list gets rejected, you will not be able to upload it until it has been verified. SpiceSend uses 3rd party list verification services like ZeroBounce, Validity and KickBox.

List verification drastically improves your deliverability. It results in an improvement in your Open Rates and reduction in your Bounce Rates. The net result is that, you get better results for all your email marketing efforts.

To get your list verfied in SpiceSend, you need to contact us at The cost for list verification stands at INR 100, per 1000 email addresses.

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