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How can I exclude/suppress specific contact from receiving my campaign emails?

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When sending an email campaign, there might a case where you want to avoid sending to certain email addresses from your selected contact list. SpiceSend has an easy solution for this situation. You can use our Exclude / Suppress list feature.

If a contact is part of the Send To List, and they are also in the Exclude List, the contact will not receive the email campaign.

Using the Exclude / Suppress list feature:

  1. On the Recipients step of the email creation process, select the desired 'Send To list.
  2. Click the "Want to exclude/Suppress contacts" link
    Want to exclude/Suppress contacts
  3. Now you can see the Exclude or Suppress dropdown; select the list that contains the contacts you would like to exclude.
    Exclude or Suppress
  4. Click Save & Next


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