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The Footer Block: Drag-and-Drop templates

This article shows you how to edit a Footer content block in a SpiceSend drag-and-drop template. If you custom code your own template, read The Footer Block: Own HTML option.

The default Footer content block uses system merge tags. This includes a physical address and unsubscribe link, which are required by law, as well as a few other important links.

Ideally you are not supposed to make any changes to the Footer block. But, you can edit the text however you want, as long as you retain the required information.

To Edit the Footer content block:

Edit Content

To edit your footer content, follow these steps.

  1. Click on the Edit icon. Edit the text as needed.
    Be careful, and do not make any edits to the 'Merge Tags'.
    To edit your footer content
  2. To change the Physical Address only in current campaign:
    Delete {{ACCOUNT ADDRESS}} from footer content and then add your new address there
    To change the Physical Address in your account:
    Click on the click here link as mentioned in front of {{ACCOUNT ADDRESS}} merge tag.
    merge tag
  3. Explaination of all the Merge Tags is also given
    Explaination of all the Merge Tags
  4. Once you finish editing, click Save & Close.

Edit Style

You can make style changes using toolbar. You can edit parameters like Background color, line height, padding etc

Note: For paid accounts you can also remove Spicesend's logo from footer of the newsletters.


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