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How can I Preview and Test my Email Campaign?

We recommend that you Preview and send a test email to see how your campaign will appear in your inbox.

Preview your email campaign

Preview mode helps in understanding how your campaign will look in your recipients' inboxes, whether on desktop or on mobile.

To preview your email, click on Preview and Test dropdown and then click on Preview.
Preview your email campaign

This will open the preview mode overlay. It has 2 tabs (views)

  • the Desktop tab shows the desktop preview of your campaign, and
  • the Mobile tab shows the mobile preview.
desktop preview of your email campaign

Send a test email campaign

To send a test email, follow these steps.

  1. In the email creation process, click the Preview and Test drop-down menu, and click on Send a test email.
    Send a test email campaign
  2. In the popup that opens, type the email address/es you want to send the test to.
    test emails You also have the option to include any instructions and a personal message.
  3. Click Send Test

Note: We limit the number of test emails you can send per day. This is done to prevent scammers from abusing the system. SpiceSend has a limit of 10 test emails per day for a given email campaign.



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