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How can I create a Regular Email Campaign?

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In SpiceSend, most users start with a regular email campaign, which is a bulk email sent to many contacts at once.

To create a regular email campaign, follow these steps.

  1. Navigate to the Campaigns page.
  2. Click Create Campaign.
  3. Select Regular campaign type in the modal window. Also enter the Campaign Name and click Begin

Add Recipients

  1. In the List dropdown menu, choose the list you want to send to. If you do not want to send to an entire list, you can choose to send to a Segment of your chosen list.
  2. Click Save & Next

Setup (From Name, From address, Email Subject, etc)

  1. Enter your From Name and From Email Address
  2. In the Subject field, enter a subject line for your email
  3. In the Preview text field, you can enter up to 150 characters that will display next to your subject line in recipients' inboxes. This field is optional.
  4. Click Save & Next

Template Selection

  1. To start designing your email, the 1st step is to select a template.

    You'll see five categories of templates: Blank Layouts, Templates, Saved Templates, Past Emails and Own HTML.
  2. In the Email Designer (Editor), you have to input (customize) your content.
  3. Click the Preview and Test drop-down to Preview your email before sending or to send a test version of your email (to your own email addresses.
  4. Once you think you have completed your email design, click Save and Next.

Schedule Delivery

  1. You can choose to send your email campaign immediately by selecting Send Now.
  2. Alternatively, you can schedule your email campaign for a later date/time by selecting Schedule for Later. If you select this option, you will have to specify the Delivery Date and the Delivery Time.

Once you email campaign has been sent, you can view Email Campaign Reports.


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