All-encompassing Email Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

SpiceSend offers the best in class email marketing tools for small businesses that improve both customer retention and engagement.

Email Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

What Makes SpiceSend Bulk Email Marketing Campaign Tools the Best?

Digital is the new buzzword, but effective campaigns need effective tools

Our Bulk Email Marketing Campaign Tools provide growing businesses the prospect to build strong connections and engage effectively with their existing customers.

What Are the Benefits of Bulk Email Marketing Tools?

Small Businesses often need to balance between limited resources and high outputs. The best email marketing tools for small businesses offer the following benefits:

  • Good return of investment
  • Real-time statistics
  • Saving time
  • Building a strong customer network.

Benefits of Bulk Email Marketing Tools

Features of Bulk Email Marketing Tool for Small Businesses

Building a customer base and interacting with them may be a tough task for startups. But, with the right tool, email marketing can bring effective results and that too without a huge overhead cost.

Advanced Client Management

Easy Automation

Drive sales through active engagement. Email automation can help in sending triggered emails, welcome subscribers, resend emails, and contact targeted segments easily.

Robust Analytics

Signup Forms

Build a network by adding subscribers to your mailing lists. Confirm opt-in to build segmented groups for marketing campaigns.

Simplistic Interface

Simplistic Interface

Simple and intuitive interface that allows you to easily create effective campaigns, without third party assistance.

Wide-ranging Templates

Wide-ranging Templates

Wide selection of ready-to-use templates that can be customized to fit the design and theme of various email campaign requirements.



Segment the subscriber list to send targeted, personalized messages. Send relevant content based on the criteria selected by the recipients to increase engagement and retention.

Expert Support

Expert Support

An expert support system that can guide you through the process of creating good email marketing campaigns and assist you in case of technical issues.


Email automation in simple terms is the process of sending emails to a single individual or multiple individuals at a specific time. The time is usually determined by marketers using various assumptions and rules. Email automation eliminates the process of manually sending emails to individuals.

Marketing tools provide you real-time stats to understand whether the audience has clicked, bought, or downloaded. The number of clicks, open, click, and unsubscribe data, etc., can help in understanding the preference and effectiveness of marketing campaigns and give you an opportunity to devise better strategies.

Email marketing is crucial for startups and small businesses. It not only helps in better outreach but also assists in building a larger customer base and keeping them engaged, updated and retaining them for a longer time. Inviting people through advertisements, referrals, and conducting contests are the best way to get started. But once you have a considerable database manually managing the email marketing campaigns can be a hassle and this is where email marketing solutions for small businesses come into the picture.

  • The user visits the small business website, fills out a form on the landing page.
  • The user is added to the email marketing database and becomes the subscriber.
  • Subscribers are then placed into different segments based on their preference, location, interests, behavior, etc.
  • The organization creates an email campaign and sets the rules on the email marketing tool for a drip campaign. The tool is used to schedule the emails based on the campaign requirements.
  • Tool sends emails automatically as scheduled.
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