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Email Marketing Solution for eCommerce business

eCommerce & Email Marketing Tools

eCommerce is an already digital platform and so the major challenge lies in staying abreast with the current market trends, and constantly improving the marketing efforts. Email marketing tools make this easier.

Right from collating a list that is unique to your business to creating micro-segments based on buying habits and general response to emails, social media interactions, email marketing tools come equipped with features that make organizing campaigns easier. Email marketing for eCommerce makes it easier to send automated content to these segments. The best part is that the messaging can be customized even for the sub-groups.

Email marketing tools also help in analyzing and creating reports to up the buying, selling, and cross-sell based on browsing or buying behavior.

Key Benefits of SpiceSend's Email Marketing Tool

Key Benefits of SpiceSend's Email Marketing Tool

While your eCommerce business may be faring well enough, have you wanted to change the marketing strategy? What exactly drives your sales? Generating great sales often takes an extra bit of effort and this is where email marketing comes in. SpiceSend email marketing tool with its compelling features offers many benefits to the eCommerce business.

eCommerce Email Templates

SpiceSend Email marketing tool comes with a plethora of customizable and readily usable templates for eCommerce that can make the email campaign creative and make designing faster.

Better Email Open Rate

Our Email marketing tool utilizes a multi-channel email delivery system and increases the delivery rate to a great extent. A higher delivery rate in turn translates to better open rates.

Automation and Segmentation

SpiceSend's Email marketing solution can play an important role in creating new segments of the existing email list. While automation ensures delivery, segmentation helps in creating messages that suit the requirements, and in creating campaigns that are customer-oriented.

Reduce Marketing Budget

Email marketing works for any eCommerce business. While the requirement for each business may differ, our email marketing tool comes at a relatively budget-friendly rate and offers great returns. It hence can reduce the overall marketing budget too.

Fast & Timely delivery

Automated and scheduled emails ensure on-time delivery greatly reducing the lag associated with manual work. Moreover, the integrated mailing systems ensure fast and assured delivery.

Send Abandoned Cart Emails

Analytics and reporting give good insights. This includes inputs about interactions and tracking site usage. In the eCommerce industry sending an abandoned cart email when shoppers leave without completing their purchases, is a great way to drive sales.

Promotional Sales & Personalized Emails

Send only the information that your customers have consented for and don't send excessive emails. SpiceSend Email Marketing tool allows you to sort preferences using tags that automatically add elements like first name, last name, and more in the email content. In addition, you can create promotional activities and drive targeted sales based on personalized inputs.

Follow-ups After Purchase

Keep the buyers interested by sending automated follow-ups. SpiceSend Email Marketing tool allows you to create different messages by for various purchase behaviors like open, unopen, lingered scrolling, multiple links click, etc.

Reviews & Feedbacks

Constant improvements by understanding the consumer point of view can help in improving eCommerce sales and marketing strategies. Use the readily available templates to ask for Reviews and feedbacks.

Track Results

The best thing about SpiceSend's Email Marketing tool is that it provides you real-time feedback on how the emails are faring, which titles worked and which did not, which led to immediate conversion, etc. Utilize the tracking and reporting to monitor and improve your campaigns.

Simple Tips to Improve Your eCommerce Email Marketing

SpiceSend Email Marketing Features That Make it a Good Fit for Insurance Agents
Make Them Feel Welcomed

Make Them Feel Welcomed

Create an Email Series for when new subscribers sign up to your eCommerce newsletter or subscribe to promotional activities. It is important to reach out to new subscribers just when they've signed up, after all, they need to feel welcomed. Welcome emails can help in determining the tone of the relationship, and in building expectations and trust too.

Target Different Segments

Target Different Segments

Utilize the power of segmentation to create emails that are relevant and creative. Try to target the needs, the values, personality, and interests of the customers to identify products and services that are relevant and share information about those. Target segments instead of sending the same email to the entire mailing list.

Conduct A/B Testing

Conduct A/B Testing

Always run a test before running a full-fledged campaign. A/B Testing or split testing, is done by taking the original version of your email and testing it against another version of the email where a single element, like the call-to-action, subject line, design element, or a part of the copy has been changed. This test gives you a clear idea of whether the email works or not and saves lot of money and time that can otherwise be spent in rectifying a whole campaign.

Offer Discounts to Loyal Customers

Offer Discounts to Loyal Customers

Building a loyalty program has shown great results in the eCommerce business. Keep loyal customers engaged and interested in the store by offering them special discounts. Make Loyalty card a part of the newsletter or signup forms to garner interest and increase sign-ups.

Create Good Emails

Create Good Emails

The success of email marketing lies in how well the content is drafted and how relevant it is. So, create a good copy that is visually appealing and easy to understand. Design it to work without hiccups on any device (responsive).

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