Email Automation: What Is It and Why You'll Love It?

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Email Automation: What Is It and Why You'll Love It?

What is Email Automation?

Simple Explanation

Automation is a term we all are now acquainted with. But unlike general assumptions, it is not limited to Industry 4.0 but has its influence in transforming simpler yet time-consuming manual tasks like email marketing and social media marketing. How does it work exactly? Using an email marketing tool, of course. At the backend, preset rules trigger the email messages and personalize messages by drawing inputs from actions taken by the customers or based on the email accessing pattern. Say for instance a trigger that sends a welcome message to any new user who has logged in, or a simple thank you note once a user turns into a subscriber. Email Automation allows marketers to connect with the audience at any part of the globe at the appropriate time zone. Once the content can be created, the schedule for delivery can be managed using email automation.

Email Automation in Email Marketing

How Does SpiceSend's Email Marketing tool Helps in Email Automation?The Inner Works

How tough would sending personalized emails to thousands of subscribers be? Add to it the trouble of reaching out to people in different time zones. Email automation ideally tones down the manual effort and allows you to send personalized messages on time. Automation is generally based on various factors systematically identified through website interaction data and analysis of behavior, preferences, sales pattern, etc. This data is utilized to schedule a personalized email marketing experience for the target audience.

A good Email Marketing tool comes with prebuilt automation templates that allow to select specific triggers and assign specific messages to those to be sent out at different times of the day.

5 Reasons Why You'll Love it

Automated email can be used to send real-time, direct messages to build, strong customer relations, improve engagement, retention, and loyalty. Here are 5 reasons that make it even more interesting.

Personalized Experiences

Personalized Experiences

Customers love personalization and with email automation, this becomes way easier. Be it addressing the audience by name, or sending a real-time message, automation makes it all possible.

Better Retention

Better Retention

Making a new client takes lots of efforts and time, in comparison with retention of existing Clients. With automation, the messages can be scheduled periodically to keep the interactions alive, which in the long run often translates to loyal clientele.

Relevant Messaging

Relevant Messaging

Automation is based on triggers and this in turn ensures that the users receive messages that are relevant to their actions alone. Be it welcome or reminder message, industry expertise, product training, or about sharing the latest updates about features or services.

Increased Efficiency

Increased Efficiency

With Email automation the overall efficiency of email campaign increases. What's there not love when even the margin of error is low despite the scalability factor. Automation ensures on-time delivery no matter what time of the day.

Creates Brand Identity

Creates Brand Identity

Customer relations are built over time and with email automation the user engagement is sustained. The open rates, and conversion rates too are increased when the brand image gains popularity.

How Does SpiceSend's Email Marketing tool Helps in Email Automation?

Personalized Interactions

SpiceSend Marketing tool makes it easier to send triggered automated emails to website visitors and also in prompting for continued interaction. The messaging can range from, welcome message, thank you messages, abandoned cart emails to prompt visitors to continue shopping, or automatic invoicing.

Streamlined Process

With Email automation, the overall process becomes highly streamlined. SpiceSend mail Marketing tool allows to Sync contacts, data, keep a better track of the email campaigns, and analyze its effectiveness too.

Better Conversions

SpiceSend Email Marketing tool allows to collate data to understand the audience's habits and behavior, create custom emails, analyze interactions, and strategize personalized experiences supported by email automation.

Expert Voice

According to Neil Patel,

"This will allow you to optimize how the task is done, not spend any time executing the task yourself and then measure the performance of the task continuously. The goal of marketing automation is to make you a better marketer, by allowing you to spend more time on important tasks."

In his post, Getting Started with Automated Email Marketing, he has discussed in detail two types of automation:

  • Event-based trigger emails and
  • Drip-feed email content

Here are some tips that he shared on creating automated email marketing campaigns.

  • Segment Your Subscribers
  • Personalize Your Messages
  • Connect Your Emails to Customized Landing Pages
  • Split Test Your Emails
  • Analyze Your Results: In terms of Email delivery rate, view rate, open rate, click-through rate, conversion rate,
  • Choosing the Right Platform
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