Growing Your Contact List Made Easy

Use Signup Forms to grow your Contact list. Use Segments to send targeted campaigns to subscribers. The net effect is, an ever growing loyal fanbase and more effective campaigns

Contact List Dashboard

Our Contact List Dashboard is a powerful dashboard that displays the clicks and opens for each of your contact lists.

With a single click you can carry out Add Contacts, Merge Lists, etc.

Convert site visitors into contacts with Signup Forms

Start growing your list with custom signup forms. Put the form everywhere your contacts are - your website, social media profiles, and online store.

In SpiceSend you can Create designer-quality forms totally customizable as per your needs

Increase engagement and conversions with Segmentation

Use Email List Segmentation to organize your contacts into subgroups and segments.

SpiceSend offers a selection of pre-built segments based on campaign activity, Location, Language, and other valuable information.


Add a personal touch to your marketing campaigns by pulling in content specific to each of your contacts (e.g. customer's first name).


Importing your contact data in to SpiceSend is a child's play. Easily import .xlsa, .csv and .txt files. You can also copy-paste contacts or add them one-by-one.


Segments are a great way to use that data to send targeted campaigns to subscribers who have something in common.