Why You Need to Care About Your Email Deliverability?

August 31, 2020
Email Deliverability

Despite the emergence of many other types of marketing communications, most of your users still prefer using their email to communicate with brands. It is an optimized marketing channel with immense growth power and opportunity-oriented execution. However, the popularity of this digital marketing trick doesn't mean that email is easy. If anything, it is the opposite of simple execution. From curating a message to reaching the user's email box, every step should be optimized and closely monitored.

One of the most important aspects of this cycle is the email deliverability of the message that you are sending to your users. If your emails are not reaching the inbox of your users, then there's no point in making all these efforts. Your creative template, effective landing pages, and actionable offers would all go down the drain if the deliverability of your campaign is poor.

Hence, below we have discussed why you should pay extra attention to the email deliverability of your campaign. Read on.

Here's Why Email Deliverability is Important

To understand the importance of email deliverability, let's see this example.

You have sent an email to 10,000 individuals and your data says that 90% were delivered. This means that according to your ESP or email service provider, 9,000 emails were delivered. But, this data doesn't mean that 9,000 people's inboxes had your email in their mailbox.

If the ESP sends an email, it doesn't necessarily land the inbox. Technically, this number is known as the Inbox Placement Rate. This rate is extremely important. If 80% of your emails are reaching the inbox and 20% are not, that means that you are practically sending out only 8,000 emails from 10,000. The rest 2,000 is wasted money.

Now, multiply this number with the efforts you have put in, the money you have spent, and conversions that you have lost. This is a loss! There's no doubt about that.

Let's see some specific reasons why email deliverability is necessary for your email marketing campaign.

Successful Marketing

Email deliverability is actually the foundation of your email marketing. Without this foundation, there's no use of these campaigns at all.

Two factors that impact your email deliverability:

  • Your trust in the ESP to send an email on your behalf to your list of users.
  • Your list of users built through various mediums. The manner in which you manage your subscriber's list defines if your email would reach your user's inbox or not.

Being one of the most important marketing techniques, it is obvious that you spend considerable time and budget on this marketing campaign. But, is it worthwhile?

You need to take care of the following things to improve the deliverability of your email campaigns:

  • What is an image to text ratio?
  • What is the spacing in the email?
  • What is the subject line?
  • How well it is personalized?
  • Who is sending this email?
  • What is the frequency of these emails?
  • What is the time when these emails were sent?

When you use the above factors to improve your deliverability, you are actually moving towards a successful campaign. These efforts not only ensure that you send an email that actually reaches your audience but also helps you optimize the user experience. When that happens, don't you think that's the first towards a successful marketing campaign?

Here's how you can create successful marketing campaigns.

Tips for Better Email Deliverability

From the above discussion, it is obvious that we need to improve email deliverability of our campaigns. But, how? Let's find out.

Slowly Build New ESP

When your current ESP is unable to offer you the right results, slowly ease into another ESP. Don't jump at the first chance and start sending too many emails. You need to understand that once you switch your ESP, your dedicated IP address also changes. So, the reputation that you have built with the old IP and ESP is gone. With the new IP, you need to build this reputation again, which you can do only by warming up and sending emails slowly in smaller batches.

If you fail to do so, you would be considered as a spammer.

Focus on building this reputation to improve your email deliverability.

Monitor Reputation

Consistently monitor your reputation. If you are unsure of that, then analyze your sender score and improve it if there's a need. Make efforts to avoid dropping this score.

However, your reputation depends on multiple factors such as the complaint rates, emails going to spam tray, the sending volume, blacklisted emails, and bounce rates of your email.

It is not hard to divert from a good reputation to a bad reputation with some simple mistakes. So, pay close attention to these details to avoid going downhill.


Do you only analyze your KPIs and reports once the situation goes wrong?

That's only when you are trying to resolve a problem.

However, a better approach is to never let that problem go out of hand. Implement proactive measures and regularly check your results. As soon as things go haywire, take action, and improve your deliverability. Don't wait till it goes down to an extend where you start facing losses.

Plan Improvement

You can't expect to improve deliverability if you are taking steps once in a month or once a week. Continuously make efforts for improved deliverability. Test subject lines, check your content, and constantly check if there's an increase in the engagement due to these factors.

Building high email deliverability is a constant effort that you need to make to enhance your outreach and increase success verticals.


There's no point in selling in a market with no customers. It is similar to wasting your energy and efforts on something invaluable. Hence, read the above data, understand why email deliverability is important, and make efforts to improve it. Get a deeper insight into your campaigns and move towards a better ROI. If you still face issues, consider utilizing a tool that can aid other email marketing functions and reporting. This would help you focus on email deliverability in an enhanced manner.