Why Small Businesses Should Consider Email Marketing?

July 24, 2020
Email Marketing for Small Businesses

When you are running a small business, there’s just too much to do. You need to wear a dozen hats to keep the business running.

However, while you may be achieving multiple tasks single-handedly, what are you doing for your marketing?

This question haunts multiple entrepreneurs, as they know that the lack of marketing is limiting the capability of their business. The inability to use marketing restricts their skills to gain a competitive edge in the market.

Here, we are particularly talking about email marketing. There are so many other platforms, but are you getting any conversions from these sources? It is still believed that email marketing can give you a lot of benefits; certainly more than other marketing techniques such as LinkedIn or Facebook marketing.

Below we have discussed some compelling reasons to use email marketing tools in your small business. Let’s dive in and start exploring.

Email Marketing for Small Businesses

With email marketing, you have an indispensable tool to convert more users and reach out to a wider audience. Below we have discussed multiple benefits of email marketing. Read on.

Cost-Effective Nature

Most of the small businesses try to hold on to every dollar they can to run their business. Considering that, the marketing budget of the organization is very slim.

How can you achieve marketing with a small budget?

If you go to social media, you need to run ads and spend on tools that help you manage campaigns with ease.

If you go to affiliate marketing, then you need to spend money on this as well; a lot of money.

The only thing that can be achieved with a low budget is email marketing. Practically, you can achieve your email marketing efforts in less than USD 20 every month. Great, right?

Since email marketing offers you the comfort of communicating with your users without any hassle, you need to spend less on this communication on other channels. At the starting of the business, you can rely on email marketing to save money and reduce your marketing budget.

Easy Execution

Making email campaigns and using email marketing is quite easy. Certainly, easier than other marketing efforts.

In just a few days, you can decide your strategy, create content, make graphics, and reach out to your audience.

In fact, you don't even need to do all that with an email marketing tool. With the help of an email marketing tool, you can get pre-set templates to use directly. So when you are in a hurry or you want to keep the budget really, really low, you can use these templates and create an email campaign in minutes.

You only need to take care of some simple things such as the attractiveness of graphics, quality of content, etc.

Time-Efficient Working

Ideally, when you are creating an email with a template, you can make the entire campaign is around 3-4 hours. Sometimes, more or less. Once you are used to the process, you just need time for the content and rest can be achieved in very less time; approximately 45 minutes.

After you have selected your email template and created a nice email, you can schedule the email for any time. Easy!

Here's how you can save time in email marketing:

  • If you start a campaign on social media and put an ad on it, it is hard to accurately check whether the user receiving your ad wants your product or not. In email marketing, it is predictable. You can easily give an unsubscribe option, check your open rate, and other metrics to make a list of people who are interested. This helps you spend time on only this dedicated audience, which eliminates the unnecessary time spend on other non-interested audience.
  • When you achieve a certain efficiency in email marketing, which means that you get everything right, then you can reduce the time-to-purchase to seconds. Your user would immediately check the mail and click on the purchase button.

Improved Customer Retention

Every small business struggles to retain customers. In fact, every business, in general, struggles to retain customers.

How can you retain your customers?

With email marketing. It is simple.

For instance, if your user traversed your website for 15 minutes and left items in cart, you can send them an email about making a purchase directly from the email. If the user has searched for a particular product and left, you can send a customized feed directly to their email. These triggers lead to conversion.

Unified Marketing

Email marketing is not just about a newsletter and business email series. You can achieve a lot more. You can connect every marketing strategy with your email strategy.

  • It is possible to integrate landing pages with your email campaign.
  • You can share social media icons(linked) in your email.

Of course, you can have a standalone campaign for email but you always have an option to link it to your website and social media channels.

Tips To Reduce Cost of Email Marketing

  1. Focus on your content. A large section of your online audience is not interested in your product if you don't deliver it with the right messaging. If the first few lines of your email are not interesting, you have already lost the user. Hence, first, focus on creating appealing content. Then, move on with other elements. Sometimes, you can literally go without other elements, and that is extremely cost-effective. Just get the content right.
  2. Use an email marketing tool to personalize your message and reduce the costs of execution. While the initial cost of purchase may be more, there's long-term savings in this case. You can customize through the tool to improve your outreach as well.
  3. Track your efforts with a tool. It is necessary to see what is working, what is not. If you fail to do it, you may keep spending your money on the wrong campaign.


It is clear that email marketing can help you improve your outreach, increase user retention, and lead users towards that checkout page. This one tool can even beat social media as your top priority. So, find a good email marketing tool, consider your strategy, and start communicating with your audience in the best possible manner.