When Should You Send an Email To Your Users?

October 21, 2020
Best Time to Send an Email

During your email marketing campaign, you may often hear from peers and other managers that timing is the key. To some extent, it truly is.

For this reason, we have discussed the best timing to send out your emails. However, we have also discussed how you can optimize your campaign by finding the right timing for your audience. This is because if you know the best time to send emails, your competitors know that too. So, to gain an edge, there's something that you need to do differently.

Without further ado, let's dive in and start exploring.

Best Time to Send an Email

Below we have discussed some widely accepted timings for your email campaign. These timings seem to work for almost every marketer. Therefore, when you are just starting your email campaign, you can utilize these tips to improve your open rate, click-through rate, and conversions.

Day or Night?

The answer to this question is pretty simple: you need to send your email or messages when your users are awake. This goes without saying, right?

But, still, a lot of marketers miss this when they are catering to an international audience. Just because you are awake, it doesn't indicate that your audience overseas is also awake. The best way to achieve this is by segmenting your audience based on their location to send emails at the right time.

Which Days are a NO?

Think about it, would you catch up on promotional emails or newsletters on Monday. When you return to the office after two days, your email is not the first thing that you want to sort. There's already so much on the plate.

If you send your emails and newsletters on Monday, then you may get a high bounce rate because many users would simply delete or get rid of your email.

Other than Monday, weekends are a bad choice too; unless you are helping them plan a vacation or adventure or anything that they may like to do on the weekend.

This means that Saturday, Sunday, and Monday should not be on your list to send emails to your users.


If you can't send emails on weekends and Monday, then when can you reach out to your users?

The possible answers are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, from which a lot of marketers automatically remove Friday because the audience is distracted on Friday. They are entering the weekend so they don't want to see your email at the end of the day.

This leaves us with Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

According to a study by HubSpot, Tuesday might improve your open rate by 20%. Another report by HubSpot also reveals that Tuesday and Wednesday have the highest open rate.

Here's the trick:

  • If you need to send two emails in a week, then send it on Tuesday and Thursday. That's the strategy a lot of people follow.
  • If you need to send one email, then send it on Tuesday.
  • If you have offers related to the weekend, then Friday, Saturday, and Sunday should be choices.


Don't you check your email after waking up?

So, that makes 6AM or 8AM a perfect time to send emails.

You can also send your email right after the office, around 10 AM, because your audience is just settling in and they may check their email.

Another great time is right before your customers go to bed, around 8 PM.

Tips to Find Your Perfect Timing

These are some great tips when you are starting your email marketing campaign. But, when you are already half way through your campaign, then you need to forget a lot of things we have discussed above.

Let's see how you can find the right timing for your audience.


We know that Tuesday is the best day to send an email at 6 AM. But, you need to stop beating around the bush and understand your audience. These common markers are known by everybody. So, if you have 20 visible competitors in the market, chances are that all of them are already following this trick.

If you do the same, then you would make no difference. It is necessary to make a change here.

The first step is to analyse your audience. For example, if your users are mobile users, then they may even check your email at 9PM. They are active most of the time, except when they are sleeping.

Contrary to this, if you have all professional users, then you can send them an email at 10 AM on a Tuesday. However, here's a twist:

When you are selling a product which might interest a professional user or company as a whole, then you can send it even on a Monday. For example, selling an AI-powered email marketing tool or antivirus.

Know Your Users

You need to know your audience to find the right timing; it is clear from the previous pointer. So, what can you do?

Find out the following:

  • Location
  • Device used
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Professional status

This would help you find the right time. If your user is a young person who is interested in tech, then they would read your email even at the night.

Don't Always Blame the Time

Sometimes, email time is not the only factor defining your success. You need to check other factors too.

  • Is your subject line up to the mark?
  • Are you sharing the right content?
  • Is your list relevant?
  • Are you able to send the right messaging across?
  • Is your email responsive?

If you are missing out on even one of these factors, then the timing will not help you. It is important to streamline your campaign comprehensively, which will allow the right time to play its role.


The timing of your email plays a major role in your open rate and conversions. But, it is not necessary to believe the timings given by research and reports. You can find your own perfect timings with the help of an email marketing tool and its analytics. Hence, stop worrying and start using an email tool to boost your performance.