Top 5 Tips To Convert More Through Email Marketing

July 23, 2020
Top 5 Tips To Convert More Through Email Marketing

As a digital marketer, it is not unlikely for you to spend multiple hours planning lead generation and conversion strategy. You may be always thinking about what content to post, which email to send, and how to make graphics more appealing. You may even spend a significant budget on PPC in the hope for leads.

The major goal of all these marketing actions is to drive user engagement on your landing page or website. Once the user clicks on your call-to-action and reaches the checkout or contact us page, your purpose is achieved.

However, taking the user to that stage is difficult, very difficult. For this reason, email marketing is still utilized by every type of business. If you are failing to spend a considerable amount of budget on email, you are failing to grab amazing lead conversion opportunities.

Do you also want to convert more users through email marketing?

Read on to know how you can do it. We have discussed 5 tips to improve conversion.

Here's What You Can Do

If you are willing to generate a high-level impact on your audience through your emails, then here are the efforts you need to make. Just adding a landing page or CTA to your email may not help. Let's see what you can do.

Know Your Audience

It is obvious that you need to target the right audience. But, even after being self-explanatory, a lot of businesses fail to achieve this. They check a few statistics and judge the nature and needs of their audience. Before you do that, answer the following questions:

  • Who will click on your CTA?
  • What is the profile of your ideal customer?
  • What value do you need to deliver to them?
  • What type of content do they need?
  • What factor might drive them towards conversion?

After answering these questions, create an email campaign based on these responses. Personalize according to the requirements of your users.

For instance, if your audience contains young individuals, then add videos and short digestible content snippets. Focus more on the display value of the campaign rather than the content part.

Note: After you understand your audience, you may feel like you are targeting a very small portion of the audience. But more audience means more noise. You can specifically target a small group through a dedicated buyer's personas and receive more conversion comparatively.

Focus on Value Proposition

In your email campaign, you need to highlight the value you are offering to your user. If you are using a landing page for the campaign, then you need to add this value proposition to the landing page as well.

Here, it is necessary to note that you can easily copy paste the old offer page or email campaign with a few changes. But, that is not always effective. You need to dig a little deeper and find out what value you are actually offering to the user. Then only, your audience would find your email worth reading or checking.

Apart from showcasing your value, avoid beating around the bush. Only talking about yourself and telling the subscriber why you are good may not work. They may only take it as an overselling trick. Get to the point quickly and explain your offer.

Further, if you are redirecting your user to another page, website page, or landing page, ensure that you allow them to make a purchase without hassle. Give a CTA in the visible range.

Keep It Short and Sweet

Have you ever stopped reading a terribly long email, which fails to deliver valuable content in the starting or in a readable manner?

You know how it feels to sit with an email that is talking about the same thing over and over again.

Get to the point in the first paragraph, necessarily. Then, add other details. But your user should know what you are going to talk about as soon as they open the email.

If you are directing the user to a form or landing page, then keep is really, really short. If you have too many fields, then users may get bored and leave midway. Generally, 3 is the best number for fields that you can add. But, if you need more, don't exceed 11.

Set Up Clear CTA

Apart from everything else, you need to set up clear call-to-actions. There are different purposes for an email campaign. Sometimes, you are trying to direct the user to the landing page, and at other times, you want to purchase something. Based on this, make your CTA quite clear, such as purchase now, subscribe here, etc.

When your users know there's a clear path behind this CTA, they can easily move from one stage to another.

You don't have to use a similar type of CTAs. You can check out new CTAs and engage your users more quickly. Just remember to place it in a location where it is visible and its motive is obvious.

Measure Your Efforts

Once you have taken care of the above fundamentals, measure your progress. After and in between every campaign, keep a check on your numbers to know if you are going in the right direction or not.

Here are a few KPIs you can check regularly to improve the performance of your email campaign:

  • Open rate, which indicates the number of individuals opening your email and reading it.
  • Along with the open rate, you can check the time spent on the email to see if the user was engaging with the email.
  • Check your click-through rate to know if users are going to the next step or not. This should be checked in relevance to your content to understand the content's efficiency.


The bottom line is that you need to take care of multiple factors to drive conversions. A lot of factors, like the dedicated audience, type of CTA, and messaging, contribute to the performance of your email campaign. Simply check out the above tips, use an email marketing tool, and improve your conversion as well as lead generation capabilities.