Top 5 Methods to Resend an Email to Your Non-Openers

September 26, 2020
Re-Send An Email to Non-Openers

As a marketer, it can be hard to re-engage and offer value to non-openers of your email campaign. It is highly likely that you have already tried multiple methods, such as reach out to them in the next campaign or using other marketing methods.

However, in reality, you can easily attract these users with another email. It is actually the same email but with a twist. Maybe a tweaked subject line or a new timing.

Why would you do this?

To improve your open rate and increase your return on investment.

Just remember to send this email again to only non-openers.

Below we have discussed a few tips that can help you re-send email campaign to non-openers.

5 Things to Consider When Re-Sending an Email to Non-Openers

Should you consider re-sending an email that didn't perform well? Did your email campaign no go as planned?

Of course, you should!

Here's why:

There may be people who may have been too busy to check the email in the first try. So, you can tweak the timings and give them a chance to check it again.

There may be people who may have skipped the email accidentally but they can actually benefit from your services.

There's no doubt in the fact that these non-openers can be individuals who don't want your product or service. But, it also contains a large number of people who can benefit from your product or services.

Hence, re-sending an email campaign would only give them a subtle reminder and help them open the email or reach the CTA.

But, before you jump to this task, let's see how you can do it right. Check the following tips and tricks.

Select Your Timing

It is highly likely that your open rate is poor because your timing is poor. This means that when you are resending your emails, you don't want to make the same mistake and fall in the trap again.

Check out some tricks to resend and send emails on the right time:

  • Consider the timezone when sending your emails. If your list contains foreign users, you need to send the email when they are awake, not when they are sleeping.
  • If you can, then avoid sending emails on Mondays. It is not a good day to land the inbox of your user. This is because they may be already trying to remove unwanted emails and they can easily delete your email as well.
  • Similarly, avoid sending on weekends unless you have a good weekend related news. Other than that, most of the people are in their rest mode or enjoying their personal life. They may not open your email on these days.
  • After eliminating the above days, we have Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Some marketers exclude even Fridays. So, your preferable time should be mid-week.
  • If we talk about the timing, then most of the users start their day by reading the email. So, you can send it between 6 AM-8 AM.
  • In the same manner, 10 AM is a good time because everyone is settled in the office and they are all set to check their email.
  • Other favorable timings are 2 AM (during lunch) and 8 PM (during signing off).

Don't get confused. Just check your User's Persona to see which timing and day are the best.

Change the Subject Line

It is obvious that if send the email with the same subject line, it won't make a difference. The thought process due to which the user didn't open your first email would continue. So, tweak. And tweak it in a way that it is more appealing.

The first thing that any user would see is your subject line. Pay the most attention to this detail and most time on reframing this detail.

It is clear that if the user didn't open the email in the first chance, then the subject line was not great. Your approach should be to change the format and twist it. For instance, if you are using numbers, like 5 Tips for Email Marketing, then change it to Here are Some Email Marketing Tips You Don't Want to Miss.

While that is just an example, you still get the idea. Get it right in the second chance!

Re-Send Only Important Ones

Think about it, if you start resending every email that your user has not opened, then you would annoy your users - soon. Apart from being annoyed, this decision pushes your subscribers to either ignore you for an indefinite period or unsubscribe you.

You should resend only the important emails to avoid getting unsubscribed.

For example, you can resend:

  • Your newsletter that has important insights
  • An offer or a discount
  • A case study

Don't Re-Send Immediately

Don't resend almost immediately. That's the worst decision you can make.

Why would anyone want to receive the exact same email two times in 1 day?

In fact, this would be considered as spam rather than something important.

It is best to wait for at least 3 days before you try interacting with your non-openers again.

Analyze the Impact

The final goal of all these efforts is to make a difference in your open rate and conversion rate. Isn't it?

How would you possibly know if your efforts have revealed results if you don't analyze anything?

Start analyzing your campaigns and emails that you resend. If the impact is being negatively received by a large audience, then you know you need to stop. No strategy is fool-proof but you still have to try.

If the impact gives you even a 10% extra open rate, then the resulting benefit is more. Then, your resending efforts become worth your time.

Final Words

Sometimes, the simplest business opportunity that you need to grab is re-sending your email campaigns to non-openers. It is amazing how this easy, no-brainer formula can drastically improve your open rate and increase your conversion. So, start analyzing your campaigns, check the number of non-openers, and consider re-sending your email. Read the above tips to achieve this task in the correct manner.

Fortunately, you can always utilize an email marketing tool for all of the above tips and tricks. Therefore, in case you face issues in implementing anything, you know a tool can help you.