Top 11 Ways to Optimize Your Holiday Email Campaigns

November 21, 2020
optimize holiday email marketing campaigns

A holiday is a reward earned for all the toil and hard work you have put in throughout the year. The world has transformed into an online venture where everything is available with a mouse click. Spice Send holiday email marketing campaigns have earned loyalty points from its customers by adding elements of fun and surprise to their holiday plans. We offer the Best Holiday e-mail campaigns which reflect our massive patronage. Our customers swear by our holiday e-mail campaigns and are always willing to venture into them. We ensure that our campaigns are worth the price as we wish to build bonds with our customers for life.

We stand tall as the most trustworthy and economical initiators of holiday email campaigns in the market. Our experiential wisdom has enabled us to chalk out top 11 ways to optimize holiday email marketing campaigns.

Suit Your Style

Our readymade email templates will shave off hours of work from your schedule. We have designed over 100 responsive email templates to meet specific requirements. Our powerful editor will further enhance your template by giving it a crisp and professional look. Here's the cherry on top, we have designed numerous blank layouts if you want to start your holiday email design from scratch. So feel free to use our templates as a clean slate. Let your style lead you to your destination.

Build a Door for Opportunity

Opportunity knocks only once, so grab the leads as a golden chance to reach your prospective customers. Incorporate sign up forms so that you can store information related to your website visitors. Capturing quality leads will help you develop a wealthy clientele. You may use the information procured to surprise your clients by offering the Best Holiday e-mail campaigns that suit their liking and budget. Offering tailor-made packages to them beforehand gives a boost to your rapport with the clients.

Evolve a Contact List

Contact information bridges the gap between holiday email marketing campaigns with interested parties. Spice Send equips smooth importing your contact data. You may easily import .xlsa, .csv and .txt files. You have the option to copy-paste contacts or adding them one-by-one. Take advantage of our smart tools to create a holiday email campaign contact list. Get associated with your subscribers to keep in touch with their expectations. Offer exclusive incentives directly related to your email campaign and see your contact list grow.

Call to Action

Call to Action

Develop a landing page where call to action is incorporated prominently. Running a contest like an early bird catches the worm works wonders in attracting clients. You may like to flash economical deals with incentives and sweepstakes. We seek ways to attract prospective clients by exploring options and seizing opportunity as it strikes. A call-to-action in the body of the e-mail shows the users the next steps they need to take. Place the call to action button at a compelling location that urges the user to go for it.


It is vital to sort email segments to target a very specific group of users and send them personalized emails. Explore our personalization feature to send consequential and valuable content to your subscribers. In fact just using personalization in Subject line increases Email Open rates by 50% or more. You can use custom fields for your email campaign contact list for better management and enhanced user engagement. Every individual is different so give them the individualistic attention that they so desire.

Persuasive Advertising

"Great content is the best sales tool in the world" - Marcus Sheridan

Email marketing will help you to depict your campaign as the best offer in the market. Incorporate email highlighting features & benefits, deals, discounts, etc. to ensure the client spends time going through the same. You will experience a quantum leap in the responses with the appropriate content. In addition to great content, you must develop a great email campaign contact list through various mediums such as sign up forms, social media, website, etc.

Create a Mobile-Friendly Design

Our templates offer responsive design to adjust the layout of your campaign and also to look great on any device. Use the in-editor mobile preview to keep abreast with your email marketing campaign. Mobile preview will ease access to our emails and will allow more customers to use the call to action options. Users prefer mobiles to any other gadget to plan their holidays as it can be operated at their convenience. Do not miss the opportunity to leave a mark on your clients while they are on the go.

Test Your Text

It is believed that the first impression has a lasting impact on people's minds. We strongly recommend that you send a 'test' of your campaign before hitting the send button. Check your content through a test email to see how a campaign will appear in your inbox. An attractive campaign must always appear flawless and captivating in the first look itself. Make sure that the holiday e-mail marketing campaigns you choose has content that is concise and to the point.


Segments go a long way to use the data secured through following the leads. This fact-finding facilitates sending targeted campaigns to subscribers who have something in common. Organizing data of website visitors according to their interests and choices promotes productive campaigning. Such data analysis expedites the response from prospective clients as we offer Best Holiday e-mail campaigns using business acumen. Spending time on what you send and how you work on the data received is critical for the success of any email campaign.

Targeted Landing Destinations

Our landing pages are designed to help you increase the conversion rates of your holiday e-mail marketing campaigns. The targeted subscribers can be directed to the desired landing page with the help of a call to action in the body of the template. Make sure that the landing pages are free from distractions. Spice Send enables easy construction of use-friendly landing pages. The landing pages are designed not only to capture attention but also to pique the imagination of the subscribers.

Build Bonds of Relationships

It is convenient to use email marketing to build rapport with customers by sharing your dexterity as well as giving them tips and other noteworthy information. Make it a point to thank them for signing up. Educate them about the adroitness of your company, campaigns and values. Share pictures of holiday destinations with old subscribers. Be genuine in your campaigns to build bridges of conviviality with your prospective subscribers. The best holiday e-mail campaigns are those with a personal touch where you make the clients feel valued.

It is important to provide your subscribers with a glimpse of their holiday experience to keep up their curiosity. Once they sign up with you, it is your onus to develop trust and everlasting bonds they can rely on. Reach out to the ones who are looking out for holiday campaigns and destination ceremonies. Build confidence by portraying your strengths in the holiday email campaigns.