The Importance and Benefits of Email Marketing

August 11, 2020
Importance and Benefits of Email Marketing

Think about it, the internet is spreading at an exponential rate. It is only a matter of time the entire world would be connected by the power of the internet.

There's no doubt in the fact that considering the importance of the internet, a lot of our marketing efforts are being conducted digitally. This method of marketing now seems more natural than TV or radio advertisement. If we can't find anything on the internet, it is highly unlikely for us to purchase it. Isn't it?

One of the essential aspects of this online communication is email marketing. From promotional outreach to spreading awareness, we utilize email marketing campaigns for almost everything. The emergence of new digital media elements like SMM, SEO, affiliate marketing, etc. have not reduced the significance of the email. It has only made us realize how necessary email promotions are today.

Below we have discussed why email promotions are great for every type of organization. Read on to utilize email marketing tools for your organization as well.

Importance of Email Marketing

Email marketing is necessary for business for multiple reasons.

  • It is adaptable. You can make an email marketing campaign for almost everything. Email campaigns can adapt your requirements quite easily.
  • You can target a large audience, ranging from varied social groups to people of different age groups. It is easier with email marketing.
  • You can integrate your email marketing plan with almost any marketing plan. Be it your website, Facebook campaign, or any other promotional campaign.

The importance of email marketing lies in the fact that it is effortless and simple. You don't need to spend as much effort in email marketing as in any other marketing campaign. Everything is seamlessly coordinate with your email campaign.

Benefits of Email Marketing

According to statistics, 99% of your users see their emails each day. Being digital marketers, isn't it hard to ignore data like that?

The numbers show exactly why we need to focus more on email marketing. To help you reason with this thought, we have explained the benefits of email marketing below. Check out.

Personalizing Content

The key benefit of email marketing is that you can customize your efforts and create dedicated content for a specific audience. Here, personalization can be as simple as sending the email from an actual person or adding the name of the receiver in the email.

Check this report by Hubspot that says if you include the name of the recipient in the email's subject line, you can receive a better click-through rate.

Just including the name of the recipient can make a huge difference, which is simply not possible in other types of marketing campaigns.

Other than this, you can also personalize your content by making segments of the audience, which helps you send the right type of email to the correct audience. For instance, sending offers to elite customers and 10% off to regular customers.

This indicates that you get the ability to customize the content based on the requirements of your audience. You can even bifurcate your audience based on age to send different types of visuals and graphics. Something, which is not possible in SMM or SEO or other marketing types.

Using this personalization helps in improving user engagement and interaction of your brand.

Taking Feedback

It is imperative to keep a check on the user experience to ensure that your customers are engaging, interacting, and purchasing from you. Email marketing is one of the best methods to achieve that.

For instance, sending feedback surveys to users to receive users' reviews on your campaigns, products, and other aspects.

The above example is also a great way to know your Net Promotor Score or NPS. This gives you a clear idea of the percentage of customers, who can become spokespersons of your business in the future. Now, using that information, you can modify and tweak your future campaigns.

Improving Sales

Email marketing is an amazing tool to improve and enhance your sales. Through this campaign, you can feature your services and products in front of your new and existing customers.

For example, if a user leaves products in the cart, you can send an email immediately to encourage them to complete the purchase.

Further, if you have an audience base that has willingly signed up for your email marketing list, then they are more likely to purchase from you. Therefore, when you send messages like the above example, you can lead them to the checkout.

You can actually increase this impact by using an email marketing tool. Through this tool, your team can automate communications, which are important for users. For example, welcome emails.

Generating Website Traffic

When you create content that is valuable for your audience, how can you encourage your audience to read it?

Through an email.

Multiple organizations improve their website's traffic with email campaigns. This can be achieved only by sending a small snippet of the content to the user on email. Any user who likes the content would automatically click on the CTA and visit your website.

Remember to add a clear CTA at the end of emails to enable your audience to visit your website and explore it. This CTA is extremely significant in case you are trying to increase traffic on your website or promote your website.

Making a Cost-Effective Campaign

There's no doubt in the fact that traditional methods are costly. You need to spend a lot to run a TV ad or send ads to print media. Email marketing, on the other hand, is cost-effective. In fact, it is even reasonable than other digital marketing efforts.

You don't need to run a photoshoot, place ads, build an audience using money, or send graphics for the newspaper ads. You only need a good graphic designer and copywriter. Better still, you only need an email marketing tool.

With a tool, you can directly pick a template, edit it, and automate it to send it to your users at the right time. This is cost-effective when compared to other types of marketing campaigns.


Achieve your marketing goals with email marketing; improve your outreach, enhance your lead generation, and increase customer's trust in your brand. However, don't get caught up in the complexities of building an email marketing campaign. As a small and medium enterprise, you may have multiple other important tasks at hand. So, utilize an email marketing tool to design beautiful and appealing email marketing campaigns.