The Best Way To Find Email Address of a Potential User

October 25, 2020
Find Email Address of a Potential User

Don't you agree that receiving cold emails is frustrating? When strangers land in your inbox and start spamming you, all you want to do is block them to avoid them immediately.

This is, in fact, backed by a study, which says that the reply rate of cold emails is 2% and even less in some cases.

So, why should you even bother sending cold emails to people randomly?

It is time to move on and find email addresses of potential users in the correct way. You can't pick some users randomly just in hope that they would respond.

The correct route to connect with them is to progress this relationship.

Below we have discussed how you can find the email address of a potential user. Utilize these authentic tricks to reach out to your users.

What You Should Avoid?

Normally, it is common for marketers to find the email address of the company to reach out to the person they have in mind. But, is it really an optimum choice?

Why would you drop an email on the company's email ID, which is accessible by many people? That's not right, and your email might not even get seen.

So, what can you do?

Before we get to that, let's see what you should not do:

There's no point in purchasing email IDs. When you want to infuse a new list for your leads, you don't want to buy this list. There are many downsides to this.

  • The list may be completely inappropriate for your industry, type of service, and type of product.
  • You may land in the spam box.
  • You may receive a list with a large number of fake email IDs.

You should take the email IDs of your potential audience by taking their permission. If they don't want to sign up for your newsletter or updates, then why do you want to force them? You can't receive any benefit from that because it will only increase your bounce rate and waste your money.

What You Should Do?

So, if you can't purchase a list or email on the company's ID, what can you do?

Let's understand this with an example:

You want to reach John, who is the development head of the business. He handles the software that the company takes and uses.

To connect with him, you should first research him on LinkedIn. Get to know this person and prepare a pitch or an email that stands out. Once you have done that, drop him a message; not too professional and not too personal.

That's the correct way.

Here are a few tips to find out the email IDs of potential users and important people.

Use Contact Us Page

When you want to contact a company, then it has a contact page. You can use the information on this page to send an email to the mailbox of your potential user. This can be a simple message explaining that you have a product and service for this.

For instance,


I am John from XYZ Company. I was wondering if you require a widget solution? If you do, then I can help you with it. You can connect with me at [Email] or [Link] or [Phone Number].


If you keep your message straightforward, users are more likely to at least respond. In this manner, you can easily connect with various potential users.

However, this method is more suitable for B2B customers rather than B2C users. You can't reach B2C users like this.

An alternative in the case of a B2C audience is to build a contact form on your website and social media. This helps your audience to offer contact details in exchange for information. That is the simplest and most used method.

Check LinkedIn

If you are reaching out to businesses, you can do that on LinkedIn. On LinkedIn, you can find almost anyone. All you need to do is prepare a personalized message, drop it in their message box, and wait for a response. But, you first need to connect with the user on LinkedIn for this feature.

You can send a simple message like the one above. But, remember, if you make it too promotional, your potential user might delete it immediately or leave it unread. On LinkedIn, you literally need to make connections. You can't go to someone's personal chat and ask them to do business with you. That's neither fair nor logical.

An alternative route for this is to tell them a story. Share your experience and help your user to connect with you on a personal level. This includes sharing articles, interesting data, and numbers that show how well you can offer services or products.

Make Them Fill a Subscription Form

We have already discussed a part of this in the first point. You can encourage your users to fill a subscription form, which automatically gives the email ID.

But, you don't necessarily have to do it on your website, there are other ways:

  • Send a subscription form on LinkedIn.
  • You can use it on a landing page.
  • You can also run a Facebook campaign, which involves this form.

There are multiple ways. You just need to get creative with this.

Why Use a Tool?

Utilize an email marketing tool to make your task easier. With a tool, you can automate emails. For example, when someone leaves details on your subscription form, you can immediately send a welcome message, automatically.

Using a tool for this purpose will only improve your efforts. You would be able to analyse results and measure your email campaign's success.


If you need to find the email address of an important potential customer, then follow the above tips and tricks. You can, of course, run a random google search for this purpose. However, that might not yield appropriate results according to your requirements. So, connect with your users in the right manner and use the above information to make your first contact worth their time.