Here Are 4 Amazing Email Segmentation Strategies for E-Commerce

November 03, 2020
Email Segmentation Strategies for E-Commerce

As a marketer, it is obvious you already know that segmentation is the best strategy of all times. When you make efforts to segment your users, you are able to achieve more click-throughs and high open-rates, which is even backed by this data. It says that you can improve your click-through rate by 64% and the open rate by 14 %.

With that being said, it is still not easy to decide how you should segment your e-commerce users and lists. This is why we have prepared a small guide explaining the trending segmentation tricks.

With the following tips, it becomes a little less exhausting to make user groups.

So, what are you waiting for?

Dive in and start exploring.

What Strategies You Can Use to Segment Your Email?

Every marketer spends a lot of time and resources in getting more customers and subscribers to your email campaigns. But, even after doing everything right, you may end up with poor conversion rates.

Why is that happening?

Because you are not using segmentation.

Segmenting your users helps in creating extremely personalized and dedicated campaigns. So, if one of your users want to see your offers and another wants to know the pricing, you can customize the details for both.

Segmenting your users helps in creating extremely personalized and dedicated campaigns. So, if one of your users want to see your offers and another wants to know the pricing, you can customize the details for both.

Let's find out. Here's a list of methods that can be utilized to segment users:


The first thing that comes to mind for segmentation is demographics.

Demographics is indeed an amazing strategy for segmentation. For this, you need:

  • Age
  • Income
  • Gender
  • Career
  • Interests
  • Skills

But, it also depends on the product or service you are trying to sell. If you are selling home-décor products, then understanding the interests of your users is important.

So, you need to extract as much information from your user as necessary in the sign up. However, you still need to design your sign-up form with extra care. You can offer too many fields to the user. They may get bored or irritated and leave.

Therefore, before you start segmentation, decide the factors that are important for this process. Now, include only these factors in your sign up form. For example, if you don't require career details, don't include that field. Throwing in random fields will only upset your users.

How can you segment your users based on demographics?

As already discussed, this can be achieved with the help of website forms. You can create a sign-up form or subscription form to ask questions which are important. You can even create a form with opt-in boxes to make the task easier for the user.


A lot of marketers [have learned from their experiences to] only add one field of email address when they ask users to subscribe.

A lot of marketers [have learned from their experiences to] only add one field of email address when they ask users to subscribe.

But, how can you get data about your users in this case?

You can use a survey to extract details of the demographics of each user. You can easily make a form, place it on your email marketing tool, design a template, and send it to users. You can extract valuable information like preferences, beliefs, etc. through a survey.

One way to make this survey interactive is to send out a form containing a game or an incentive. As a small organization, an incentive may not be possible. But, you can use your imagination to make this survey worth the time of your user.

Geographic Details

Other than demographics, another important segmentation factor is geography. The manner in which your users are placed can help you a lot. This is especially true for businesses that are affected by the location of the user.

Here's what you can achieve by using geographical segmentation:

  • Firstly, you can send out emails based on time. If your users are from different time-zones, then this segmentation is a blessing in disguise for you.
  • You can utilize regional promotions to attract users through dedicated marketing tricks.
  • If you are in the travel industry, you can customize the communications of your users based on their location and travel history.

Sending out emails based on location of the user is extremely beneficial for almost every business.

Think about it, a travel company can't send out emails to users at 2 in the night just because their location says its morning. Similarly, a restaurant can't show a menu of location A to users when they are living in the location B.

The only way to customize these communications is through location-based segmentation.

Purchase History

While the above two factors should be your first choices for your segmentation, you can also use the purchase history to improve your conversions. Sometimes, when you need to instantly optimize user campaigns, you can segment them based on their purchase history and then send them recommendation emails.

For example, if you have a product that the user may need to refill every month, you can send an email to users a week before the month completes to remind them of the repeat purchase.

Similarly, you can guess the requirements of other products to understand when the user might need more. If they purchase hair products from you, you can estimate when they are expected to run out of these products through available past data. This can be used to send email reminders at the right time.

If you manage to get this segmentation right, you will receive amazing results. It is great to receive an email about the product you are thinking of buying. Many users may immediately click on purchase.

Cart Abandonment

Similar to purchase history, cart abandonment is also a tricky yet productive segmentation factor. If you segment your users based on how they have abandoned their carts, you can send them dedicated feeds.

For example, one of your users has abandoned the cart after checking t-shirts. They didn't find it so they left. You can customize a feed by checking their previous choices and sending it to them over email. This will help you convert your users.


It is not hard to anticipate the importance of e-commerce in our lives today. With pandemic disrupting our functions, e-commerce has risen to our rescue. During the pandemic, we have also seen many new e-commerce businesses rise from the ground. To compete with these businesses and gain a competitive edge, it is necessary to segment your users and improve your conversion rate.

To make your task easier, you can also utilize an email marketing tool. Not only will a tool help you streamline your email campaigns but also segment your users based on strong data analytics.

So, plan your segmentation technique, use a tool to implement it, and receive high returns on investment.