8 Amazing Ideas For Holiday Email Marketing

November 19, 2020
Holiday Email Marketing

It's the holiday season again!

We have all been waiting for holidays to arrive in order to get a chance to finally boost our online sales and attract new customers. However, unfortunately, this year, you really need to put in efforts to satisfy your users. With thousands and thousands of online retailers blocking the market, it won't be easy to improve sales and revenue.

But, you don't have to worry. We have created a list of the 8 best holiday email marketing techniques. Using these email marketing tips, you can attract more users, improve user satisfaction, and enhance your ROI. Stop anticipating and start exploring!

8 Holiday Email Marketing Tips

If you wish to stand out from the crowd and make a difference with your marketing skills, here are the 8 amazing holiday email marketing campaigns. Check how you can encourage your users to purchase from you

1. Black Friday Sale

The best holiday email marketing trick is to announce the Black Friday sale two-three weeks prior to build excitement around the topic. Instead of only focusing on the exact Black Friday day, multiple retailers start pre-sale to make an impactful campaign. Some retailers even give early access to loyal customers.

The reason why Black Friday pre-sale is able to get you more customers is because of the urgency created with these campaigns. If you use something like, "Hurry! You Have Got An Early Access," many users would respond immediately. The sense of urgency spikes the interest of your loyal and faithful users.

2. Saturday Deal

We already know that the Saturday right after Thanksgiving is the day we shop. In fact, on every Saturday around the holidays, we shop. This can be a chance for small businesses to impress their users. Come up with offers that only you are running in the market.

The reason why this works is that now people are looking for dedicated yet innovative retailers. Hence, small businesses are perfect! They have innovative ideas and products. If you use the right email marketing campaigns, you can get much more sales this year.

3. Cyber Monday Deal

According to this data, shoppers spent approximately USD 9.4 billion around Cyber Monday. You already know where we are going with this.

The idea here to prepare for every big holiday in advance. Now, you need to run before and after sales and holiday deals. These can be mixed and matched and swapped. This means that you can offer early Cyber Monday access and deals on Cyber Monday. You can also send spin wheel deals till Cyber Monday to allow users to use these deals on Cyber Monday.

Don't forget to add CTAs on every holiday email marketing campaign. Just guide your users to the purchase page and your work is done.

4. Free Shipping

Free shipping works like charm around the holidays. Everyone is already thinking about purchasing gifts but the shipping charges ruin the mood. If you offer free shipping to users around the holidays, you can improve your ROI in a few days only.

Just remember a few things about this email marketing campaign:

  • Send free shipping deals with an expiry.
  • Send a T&C for orders below or above a designated amount.
  • Exclude or include certain items.

Sometimes retailers offer free shipping with no strings attached. This means that they give free shipping on holidays for every type of purchase. But for this, you need support from your delivery partners along with strong financial planning.

5. Guide for Christmas Gift

One of the amazing ways in which retailers and online stores attract user attention is by helping them select gifts for friends and family members. They include a complete guide of gift ideas explaining why these are the perfect gifts. You can prepare a similar guide containing short descriptions for each product. Don't forget to add CTA for each gift. You don't want your user to struggle. They should be able to click on the link and purchase directly.

Instead of sending all the Christmas gift ideas at one time, you can also make separate email messages for every gift idea.

6. Shipping Deadlines

If you can manage to get your shipping carriers onboard, you can offer 2-day and 3-day shipping to users. But, these last-minute shipping related emails should be carefully drafted. Don't get the word out. Just drop in an email to your users 4-5 days before Christmas and ask them if they are yet to shop for Christmas. Offer them an option and give them a chart for shipping deadlines.

In fact, it would be a great idea to collaborate with the above idea with fast shipping. You can give ideas along with shipping deadlines. These deadlines would allow users to hit on purchase as soon as they read the email. This would create a sense of urgency, which would improve your sales drastically.

7. New Year's Discount

Send out a holiday email marketing campaign to your users with New Year's discount. This is a great time. Everyone is celebrating, and a discount is just what they need.

Send out a holiday email marketing campaign to your users with New Year's discount. This is a great time. Everyone is celebrating, and a discount is just what they need.

8. Holiday To-Do List

Lastly, and this works like charm, make a to-do list for holidays. Include every small and big and weird thing that people do around the holidays. You need to research a lot for this and then only you would be able to offer an exhaustive and valuable to-do list to your users.


Now that you have taken inspiration from the above holiday email marketing ideas, you can move forward and create innovative campaigns. Just remember to add a holiday touch in everything you do to encourage your users to purchase more often and quickly from you. It would be great to utilize an email marketing tool to manage these campaigns. You would be able to track campaign conversions and receive valuable insights on your new holiday email marketing campaigns.