6 Best Practices to Improve B2B Email Marketing List Management

September 08, 2020
Improve B2B Email Marketing List Management

For a range of companies doing business online or attracting users through the digital medium, email marketing is one of the best strategies for higher ROI.

However, your entire campaign depends on one factor, your email marketing list. To maintain a healthy and valuable relationship with your users, you need to focus on building a strong list. You need to focus on the best practices utilized in the industry for B2B email marketing list management.

Below we have discussed 6 best practices of email marketing list management that can help you connect and engage with your users. These tips provide a method to reach out to the right user in the right manner. Let's see how.

6 Best Practises for Marketing List Management

Creating a healthy email marketing list means having a user base that is engaged.

  • Is your audience engaged?
  • Do they interact with your emails?
  • Do you receive responses?
  • What is the churn rate?

If your list qualifies for the above characteristics, then you are already on the right track. If not, then you can make some changes. Check out the tips for email marketing list management.

Send a Welcome Message

The first step to maintaining your email marketing list is to engage them from the start. Hence, once your user subscribes to your email list, send them a welcome email. This can be a small email thanking your user for subscribing to your channel. You can additionally ask them to save your email as the approved senders to avoid landing in the junk or spam box too often.

However, here, you need to make your email personalized to allow your users to connect.

One of the amazing ways to achieve this engagement is by explaining how your users can gain benefit from this subscription. For instance, giving them a glimpse of the type of content you would be sharing or the offers you would be giving.

You can also add a procedure to reach out and communicate in case of any issue.

Maintain List Hygiene

From the office to personal care, we take care of our hygiene. Apparently, B2B email marketing list hygiene is also equally important. If you fail to achieve this, then you can struggle to attract your users.

Consider this:

You have 10 people on your list who have shared their company email. But, in the past 10 months, all of them left the job and shifted to another company. Now that makes your list stagnant and out of order. Your users are not even receiving your email, which is quite easy to figure out.

Therefore, it seems logical to check the bounce rate and open rate to filter your list regularly. The idea here to reach out to the inbox of every user on your list. If you are failing at that, then your list will only increase in number and decrease in quality.

Check what you can do:

  • Remove addresses that are duplicates
  • Remove typos from the list
  • Eliminate invalid addresses
  • Eliminate addresses with maximum bounce rate
  • Update invalid addresses

Create Re-engagement Campaigns

Unengaged users or subscribers is the top reason for having a poor list. These people have subscribed to your channel and they frequently receive your emails but they fail to open it, click on it, or engage.

Although these users may have not yet unsubscribed you, they have unsubscribed you mentally because they don't find value in your content. So, to avoid encouraging these users to delete your email, re-engage them.

Don't go ahead and remove these subscribers from your list straightaway. Wait and give it a try. At least run one amazing campaign to acknowledge these users and offer them the value they have been looking for. For example, offering them a special discount on the purchase of a certain amount. This can help you improve your list.

Offer Unsubscribe Option

Isn't it logical to provide an unsubscribe option?

When you have some users who don't want to see or receive your emails, it is best to let them unsubscribe. This is because, if there is no unsubscribe option or you have hidden it somewhere in the mail, then these users might simply report you spam, and that's not very good.

So, offer a clear option to unsubscribe to avoid landing in the spam folder far too often.

Think about it, if your users are unsubscribing, then they are already not engaged and they don't want your service or product. So, it is better to concentrate and spend time-money on users who are interested in your services; this would help you increase your ROI.

Allow Subscribers to Choose Frequency

A lot of companies have started asking their users for the frequency of email. In the welcome email, you can simply add a small form to know how frequently your users want to hear from you.

For instance, asking them if they want to receive emails on Saturday and Sunday.

Create a go-to option for your users to customize their preferences according to their availability and requirements. This helps in staying connected in a valuable manner.

Don't Buy a List

It is tempting to straightaway purchase a list and build your email marketing campaign. But, that may be your worst mistake. It is easy to purchase a list but it is highly likely that this list won't be relevant to your industry.

Very few companies can reap benefits from these that too only when their audience base is huge. When that is not your case, you can soon land into the spam box, your bounce rate would increase, and your users would unsubscribe frequently.


If you have a strong email marketing list, you can position your business strongly in the industry. However, if this list of users doesn't want to see or read your emails, there's no way you can create traction even with a huge list. Hence, focus on creating a valuable list by making consistent efforts to filter, grow, and modify your B2B email marketing list. Read the above tips to manage your list in the correct manner.