5 Ways to Revive Outdated Email Campaigns in 2021

December 14, 2020
Revive Outdated Email Campaigns

If your outreach is reducing, the open rate is decreasing, and the conversion rate is terrible, you may want to make some modifications to your email campaign. It is highly likely for businesses to run the same campaigns for a couple of months.

What we fail to notice here is that a lot has changed in the past year. We never expected pandemic to plague our businesses and we never expected the sudden surge in tech adoption. These things have only increased customer expectations and technology adoption. Both these factors mean that you need better, personalized campaigns to attract customers.

In this article, we have discussed how you can revive your outdated campaigns. Read on!

How To Revive Outdated Email Campaigns in 2021?

Every business has a certain set of campaigns that have to reveal amazing results. If you are not ready to lose these campaigns, we can help you. Here are the 5 amazing ways to revive your old campaigns and receive better outreach, improved open-rate, and more conversions.

1. Revive Data

Before you jump to any other suggestion, start by analysing the data you already have. Open your email marketing tool and check your campaigns, how they have performed and how well you have converted through them.

You should look for stats and numbers like:

  • Click-through rate
  • Conversion rate
  • Conversion rate

This will tell you the level of engagement received through on a campaign. For example, a high click-through rate simply means more users opened this email. This means more users liked this campaign.

Of course, the open-rate on your campaigns is a measure of engagement on your campaign. Once you find campaigns with high-engagement, track them down. If you see numbers decreasing over time, then this means that during the given time, this campaign stopped being relevant.

Now, note this and keep it aside for a moment.

Take a look at your current campaigns. Find out the ones which are performing well and glance the factors like customer preferences, specific personalization, and graphics. Use these stats as a marker to modify the above campaigns.

This is the simplest way of reviving your email campaigns.

2. Modify Subject Line

Today, the subject line matters the most. With a lot of providers spamming the inboxes of users, you need to grab attention through the subject line. If you miss it there, you miss it completely.

Unfortunately, the best practices of writing the subject lines have changed in the past few months only, so you need to pick pace.

If through the above evaluation, you have found a few email campaigns that were great once but now they are not, then you can use this trick as well. Change the subject line!

Some studies say that even by adding an emoji to your subject line can increase engagement. For example, you may often see a partying emoji in the subject line of email confirmations for online orders. However, remember to use only relevant emojis at relevant places.

Here are some other ways to make your subject line stand out:

  • Use humour in the subject line, if and only if you are reaching out to a B2C audience. This might not reveal results with a B2B audience unless the age group is 30-40.
  • Make your audience curious. For instance, There's a Gift Inside. Check Out!
  • Use the name of the customer in the subject line.
  • Make your subject line short, in sentence case, and more relevant.

3. Personalize Emails

Based on these statistics, it is safe to say that 72% of your customers would engage with your brand if you personalize your email campaigns.

Here's how you can do it:

If you have an email that is not yet personalized extensively for users but has performed very well in the past, then you can try and customize it.

  • Make user groups. Segment your users and define their preferences clearly.
  • Based on these preferences, start customizing your campaigns.

For example, for a loyal customer, you can add a voucher inside. Or you can address them by their name and ask them about their previous purchases.

  • If you are sending an email to females, then soothing colours like pink, pastel green, and light blue might help. But, for men, you need bold colours.
  • For people in a certain location, you have to customize the email accordingly. Tell them something that they want to know.

But, make your email campaigns stress-free. No user would stress out while decoding your email and you shouldn't even expect them to do so. Hence, keep the language extremely simple, straightforward, and free from jargons that might be hard to figure out.

4. Consider Cross-Channel Marketing

You can also combine your best email marketing campaigns with other social media channels for better results.

The easiest way is to find the old emails, create a blog related to it, merge the two, and send to your users. For instance, as a fitness brand, you can make a blog on healthy eating and merge the content with your email marketing campaign. Promote something that your users wish to read and understand.

Another way is to find out an old email campaign and run a similar version on other channels. Take review campaigns, for example. You can use the same form and format to collect reviews on Facebook.

5. Test Your Campaigns

Lastly, you need to test every campaign. You should make 2 sets, make different modifications to these 2 sets, and send out to different groups. If you receive better results in one, then that one you choose and promote to a larger audience.

Other than this, you can test your campaigns for efficiency, content relevancy, graphic attractiveness, and responsiveness.


In the timespan of 2-3 months, even your best email marketing campaigns run out of order and cease to reveal results. You need to revive these campaigns to make it more personalized, better aligned, and correctly designed. Check the above tips and utilize an email marketing tool to achieve your goals quickly. Through a tool, you can manage your campaigns, track success, and personalize easily.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit Spicesend's website, utilize the tool, and revive your outdated email campaigns now!