5 Tips to Automate Your B2B Email Marketing in the Right Manner

September 10, 2020
B2B email marketing automation tips

Marketing doesn't stay the same. In the 50s, we had a very different world, where digital marketing was not really prominent. It was just in the preliminary stages. However, once we had access to the internet, it was possible for us to device methods to reach out to B2B users. Even at that time, email marketing was a great method.

But, we can't deny the fact that email technology has evolved a lot. It is no more a simple act of sending and receiving messages to/from a large group of users, who are interested in your service or product. Now, it is not the same, and sadly, a lot of businesses still fail to fully explore this amazing marketing method.

Take automation, for instance. If you ask any business that manually conducts tasks, they would tell you how stressful and hectic email marketing can get. Imagine having to cater to 4,000 recipients and responding to them for proper engagement. These tasks can get extremely monotonous and boring, which can leave the scope for errors.

Hence, to help you avoid these unfavorable tasks and time-consuming activities, we have created a list of 5 B2B email marketing automation tips. Check out now.

5 Tips for B2B Email Marketing

Before we move forward, you need to answer a few questions internally:

  • What can we do to enhance communication through email marketing?
  • How to transform our leads within an acceptable timeline?

If you don't have a clear and optimum answer to these questions, read the below tips. Automation can help you achieve your goals. Here's how.

Behavior-Based Emails

Multiple marketers now recommend setting up an automated and personalized email campaign based on the behaviors of the users.

This means that you can send your emails when triggered by the following actions:

  • A new user has been added to your list.
  • A user has clicked on a CTA or a link in your email.
  • A user submitted or filled a form that is on your website.

If your subscribers complete any of these or related activities, an automated email should be sent to them.

You can easily use an email marketing tool and set up automation-based on these behaviors or triggers.

Sending behavior-based emails is a great strategy to interact with your leads and engage with them regularly. This engagement can help you achieve your goal quickly.

Lead Nurturing

It is not uncommon for B2B buyers to spend a lot of time in making a decision. They can even eat up weeks to reach a decision. However, the problem is not that. The problem is that your executives need to consistently stay in the mind of your potential buyer to help them make a decision, which is favorable for you. Now, that is a crucial task.

Constantly reminding the potential buyer of the services and products that you can offer them is not easy without automation.

So, here's what you can do:

Firstly, don't send them general data, which is available everywhere. This can be extremely tempting when you need to contact 20 other potential customers.

Move past this trouble and work on the information you are delivering. For instance, offer demos, testimonials, or tutorials for products and services. Focus on the pain points of the potential buyer and offer features that can resolve these issues.

Then, automate these emails and send them at relevant times.

Additionally, you can also automate the following:

  • Adding a CTA to every email.
  • Adding an unsubscribe option.

Additional Tip: Keep your emails short and concise to allow the user to go through the email rather quickly.

Setup Autoresponders

Autoresponders are truly a blessing in disguise, and if you still don't have one, you are actually missing out on a lot. This is why:

In reality, whenever a user makes interaction with your brand, they expect an immediate response. It is like a click here and an acknowledgment there; almost instantly. You cannot achieve that manually at any cost. That is not possible. Even if your team were so quick, they still need time to refresh and check that interaction has been made. Then, they would need to copy details, paste or type the message, and send it. It is not quick!

But, autoresponders are!

This tool helps you send welcome and subscription emails as soon as you get an email ID from the user.

These interactions help in creating a bond with the user. It is thoughtful to tell your user that you have received their request and you would reach out soon. It creates an impact.

Analyze Data

One of the things that most businesses ignore is the importance of analysis. You can't guess everything. For some things, you need data and numbers, which are only achieved with an automation tool.


This is because, even when you are sending emails to 1,000 users, your team can't manually process data. That would take too much time.

So, use automation to understand the following:

  • How your campaign is performing?
  • How the campaign is performing in relevance to your benchmark?
  • How are your changes working?
  • Do you need to change the strategy?

With the information received from the automation tool, you can organize and understand the feasibility and value acquired from your campaign.

Automate Re-Sending

It is likely for a few contacts to not open your first interaction email. In that case, you can re-send the email with a varying subject line. That would help in improving your open rates.

However, when you automate this feature, ensure that the subject line is different. Many of these users might open the re-sent email to know what you are trying to say.

Why should you automate this feature?

This because you can't check and re-send emails manually without wasting your time. Additionally, the perfect time for re-sending would pass away in sending a lot of emails.


Email marketing has a number of benefits for B2B businesses. However, to improve these benefits and fully extract value from your B2B email marketing campaigns, you need automation. Just a few automation efforts with the help of an email marketing tool can help you increase your return on investment. So, what are you waiting for? Read the above tips and receive better throughput.