25 Content Ideas For Your Email Newsletter

July 25, 2019
25 Content Ideas For Your Email Newsletter

Newsletters are a great way of building customer relationships through high-value information and regular communication. However, hardcopy newsletters have taken a back seat in the modern technological era, thereby paving way for more environmental-friendly approach through email Newsletters. 

Email Newsletters help you to reach out to a global audience at an extremely low cost. They build better connection with customers, target new prospects and ultimately increase sales figures.

These dynamic ideas can take your business to greater heights by keeping your targeted audience updated about the latest and greatest news from your brand. 

content ideas for your business Email newsletter

25 tips for excellent content ideas for your business Email newsletter

  1. Always share the accolades and acclamations, received by your brand for its achievements, with your valued customers. This extends a sense of connectivity and closeness to them when you make them a party to your success story.
  2. Any innovative and exciting change that you bring about to your product or services should be intimidated to your loyal customers. Also, they should be informed if these changes are going to affect them in any manner or not.
  3. Send an invitation to your customers though an email newsletter inviting them to join in graciously for a celebration of your company's anniversary program or any other milestone that it may have reached.
  4. Inform your subscribers and customers of any hiring program or procurement campaign that your company is to undertake in the near future. Remember, your clients can prove to be your best employees as they are already aware of your brands and the products it deals in. Hence, they can get your business rolling with unique set of talents through their expertise and experience.
  5. Any announcements for the highest authorities is always awaited for with bated breath. Infusing this ideology of offering updates and sending acknowledgements from the CEO of your company through your email marketing strategy can work wonders for the growth and success of your business.
  6. Visual memories are stronger and etch a deeper picture in one's mind. Therefore, it is always advisable to create a how-to video for a new product launched by your company and feature it in your newsletter. Believe it or not, videos are great engagement drivers.
  7. Anything which is exclusive always gains popularity and gives the receiver a sense of possession and joy. Create content for your customers that is unique and exclusive and is delivered only to your newsletter subscribers. These blogs or articles on specific tips and tricks can be either pertaining to your product specifically or a general one for people belonging to your field of operation.
  8. The best way to allure your subscribers and clients is by letting them enjoy the exclusivity of receiving discounts and deals through your company's newsletter.
  9. Newsletter should not just contain generic news pieces. They should be interesting to read and offer something which would grab their attention and make them look forward to it. The best is to include latest case studies to indicate how customers are holding on to your products and services in an attempt to make positive inclinations and alterations in their life through them.
  10. Mobile applications are the most 'in-thing'  in today's modern era. Do not forget to remind your subscribers of your mobile-app with update features, and the best way to do this is through your email newsletter.
  11. The best way to use your subscribers list is to gauge on customer happiness and satisfaction through it. From time to time, send out a poll or a survey to know your customers more closely through your newsletter.
  12. An article/content with information provided in a listicle format is always easy for subscribers to digest. It engages and entertain your readers who then look forward for your next newsletter edition.
  13. Use your newsletters to send inspiring quotes to your subscribers from time to time to keep them glued to your company.
  14. A surefire way to prove your success to your subscribers and reassure them of your growing prosperity is by quoting statistics and data points in your newsletter.
  15. One of the most popular types of online content which is gaining traction in present times is through infographics. Personalised infograpfics are just another way of keeping your customers captivated and inclined to you.
  16. Some times you just need to break through and time-out from going on tasing about only your products and your company. Providing a third-party app and recommending them to use it would just give them a breather to space-out a little.
  17. It is not always possible to go through all your blog posts, even for your most dedicated subscribers. Send a round-up newsletter, full of popular posts, for them to catch up with anything important and interesting that they might have missed in the past.
  18. Spotlight on your community of customers who have benefitted from your products and services. Highlight integral members of your team by showcasing them in your newsletter.
  19. Let your customers get an insight of the master-minds behind your products and their success story. A thought-provoking interview of your executives and working team would let your subscribers levy greater trust on you and your business enterprise.
  20. Appoint an expert at your company who can field customer questions and can answer all their queries thought the email newsletter.
  21. Having received an influx of positive feedback from your customers, you should share them with your subscribers through your newsletter.
  22. Share photos of your brand and products, taken by your customers, with your other subscribers, in the latest updates through the company newsletter.
  23. Always thank your customers who have donated or attended an event organised by your company. An email acknowledging their efforts and goodness is a gesture from your side that you are grateful for their efforts.
  24. From time to time, include FAQ's in your newsletter anticipating the queries on problems that your customers might have in connection to your product or brand. Step forward to answer them thoughtfully rather than waiting for them to ask.
  25. You can offer training opportunities to your customers and update them with how to access these resource. They would love to be a part of it.

Additional Business Email Newsletter Ideas

Below we have discussed some less-obvious email newsletter content ideas. Read more to see how you can use these newsletter content ideas.

  • If you have received a lot of activity on your latest blog post, share it in your newsletter. The traffic that you have received on your blog would increase when your subscribers would reach your blog post.
  • Send newsletters that contain your ongoing promotions and coupons. This would not only encourage your users to engage with your brand but also improve traffic on your page.
  • Send details of the referral campaign to your email subscribers. Add details of how the referral campaign would work and what benefits your users would get.


The best trend that works for business newsletters is to send them in the middle of the week and in the middle of the day. These email marketing campaigns should have significant, interesting and unique content to keep your readers engaged and expectant of it at all times.